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Guest lebic

Realistic Ballpoint And Marker Brushes In Photoshop

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Guest lebic



First of all I would like to thank everyone for such a great forum!

Now I would like to introduce you to this topic which goal is to learn how to make a realistic ballpoint brush in photoshop. I don't have the solution but maybe we can work and learn together. I know there's some presets out there but not as good as your own real ballpoint pen.


When doing rough sketches I use a ballpoint and a light marker, letraset tria marker NG10 or WG10. They're good to spread the ink from the ballpoint pen. This is the second goal of this topic, to find a brush that can do this. The ballpoint brush must be able to bleed.

I have 4 images that I scanned, which shows real strokes from a pilot bp-s fine pen on both copy paper and bleedproof pads. Also the marker effect is being shown.


Hope there's some people here with good experience to share to finally make these brushes look good. I'm using a wacom cintiq and that's actually what this thread is for.


Best regards,







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