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Guest huddersfield3d

Virtual Sterescopic Reality Application: Virtools

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Guest huddersfield3d

Please visit:





3D Digital Design Master: www2.hud.ac.uk/courses/postgrad/00000775.php

The MA 3D Digital Design (MA 3DDD) course proposes that the future of the three-dimensional design process lies firmly in the digital domain of computer aided design, 3D computer modelling, computer-generated animation, 3D interactivity, 3D laser scanning, stereo projection technologies, motion capture for characters and direct digital manufacture. The MA 3D Digital Design pathway is unique in providing an arena in which highly advanced, practical three-dimensional digital modelling and animation techniques are developed within a project-based environment, while being supported by a wider, contextual exploration of digital technologies themselves and the impact these have had on design practice, manufacturing production and the consumption of design.



Several schools recently picked the Virtools Software Suite. With over 185 universities using and teaching Virtools around the globe, Virtools has become the leading interactive 3d development platform in the Educational field. Virtools publishes a suite of software solutions used to create interactive 3D applications for video games, as well as simulation/virtual reality and marketing/multimedia applications.

What is Stereoscopic (stereo or 3D) filming: Combined with traditional production values, stereoscopic 3D provides an opportunity to take moving images to another level of realism and immersion by adding depth, realism. Viewing the content in 3D requires a special 3D display and special glasses. Active and passive stereo projection systems are used.


Useful info:

How do we create 3D Stereoscopic Media:


Live-action: 3D content creation typically involves using two cameras side-by-side to capture the left and right eye images. Shooting with two cameras might complicates the production and post-production process but speciallise equipment cameras, rigs and connected laptop enables users to see interactively which minimise errors. The kit available is shown below



Computer Generated (CGI): Animated content creation is created here using industry standard animation packages such as 3D Studio Max, Maya. The basic principle is that two separate renderings are created, each from a slightly different camera position to create the 3D effect. This process generally easy but requires some initial settings and doubles the rendering time as 3D stereo films requires. See tutorials


2D to 3D Conversion: This can be applied to live-action or CGI productions to add 3D depth to standard 2D material. This is useful when re-shooting existing material in 3D is impractical or too expensive.


3D Interactive Stereo Projection and Motion Tracking: Interactive 3D media can be created using wide range of software. We have invested in Virtools VRPack and VR for Max packages. These packages are “Interactive 3D software” editors for making interactive 3D software. Think of it as a 3D program like 3D Studio Max or Maya except that as you put objects in the scene you can give them behaviors to follow.


Packages like Adobe Premiere or Adobe After effect can be used for final touch for 3D films whether they were filmed or computer generated. 3D Glasses effect from Adobe After Effects is very handy for creating a single 3D image by combining a left and right 3D view.


The method you use to create the combined images dictates how you view them. For example, you can use 3D Glasses to create an anaglyphic image, which is an image containing two slightly different perspectives of the same subject that are tinted contrasting colors and superimposed on each other. To create an anaglyphic image, first combine views and tint each one a different color. Then, use 3D glasses that have either red and green lenses or red and blue lenses to view the resulting image stereoscopically.


Motion Tracking: We use Flock of Birds magnetic tracker which is fast, simultaneous tracking of its small, lightweight sensors from Ascension thatmakes 3D tracking devices for interactive 3D environments which might include virtual medical invasive surgery, real-time visualization, and target acquisition. We can capture human motions for interaction with 3D graphical worlds. From our pioneering Flock of Birds to our newest 3D Guidance trackers, Ascension's innovative technologies can solve your 3D tracking needs.




What is Motion Tracking for:


Head/hand/body tracking

Virtual design, analysis, interaction

Flight & vehicle simulation

Real-time visualization


Instrument tracking

Biomechanical tracking for research and rehabilitation

3D graphics control and manipulation

VR Data Glove: The Data Glove we have is for Motion Capture, ease of use, high data rate whic can be used for realistic realtime animation.


3D Laser Scanning: 3D Scanning is a process used to build a digital 3D copy of a physical surface.


Figure above shows diagram of the 3D scanner connected to a PC and monitor, Konicaminolta which is currently available. The scanner captures the surface of an object from a single position in 1-3 seconds depending on resolution. The scanner is mounted on an adjustable tripod allowing freedom of movement and stability. Geomagic software is used here at Huddersfield to clean andmerge the cloud data. See below:




PHANTOM haptics devices: Haptics refers to sensing and manipulation through touch.Working definition of haptics includes all aspects of information acquisition and object manipulation through touch by humans, machines, or a combination of the two; and the environments can be real, virtual or teleoperated. 3D Touch-enabled Modeling Systems

The SensAble 3D modeling systems provide:


Model complex, highly-detailed, organic shapes,

Create multiple design variations

Rapidly clean up, modify, and stylize scan data

Create detailed textures for prototyping, evaluation, and manufacturing

Sensing of 3D design created


Motion Capturing devices. We can now capture using 18 sensors full body movements for using 3D character animations. Students now can produce Character Animation using packages Character Studio or Maya more realistic movement with less time


MA 3D Digital Master Programme at Huddersfield cover these subjects




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Guest tenchin

The MA 3D Digital Design pathway is unique in providing an arena in which highly advanced, practical three-dimensional digital modelling and animation techniques are developed within a project-based environment


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