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Guest Daan

Illustrator Straight To Curved Line

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Guest Daan

Hi, I'm having a hard time understanding how to do something in Illustrator, that was VERY simple in Freehand. To change a straight line to a curved one, you just had to click on it with the open pointer, and drag it.





Now, in Illustrator this doesn't work. I guess you have to do something with the convert anchor point tool, but I just don't see it. When I convert a corner point, it gets smooth on both sides. I would have to delete one handle, but I don't see how I could do this. It would be a lot of work for something so simple...




Can anyone help? Thanks! Daan

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Guest exeption



First and foremost welcome to the wonderful world of Illustrator!

Things like this always happens while moving between software platforms.. But don't expect same things should be done in the same way across them! As it turns out Illustrator has a lot of ways to do what you want..


Here is one way to do it (It could be comforting to you since it is almost similar like what you have shown there.)


Step 1) Select the line you want to change using DIRECT SELECTION TOOL (The white arrow) (Just click on the line that you want to change)

2) Click and hold on the scale tool and from the sub-menu that appears click the option called RESHAPE tool.

3) Now click and drag on the line you selected.


See the images.


I think this should solve the problem.


But many experienced users would prefer other options according to the result that they desire.


PS: I'll probably do it with convert anchor tool, because it's handy That method is shown below too, (with figures in green).

Reshape tool is sometimes useful when making complex shapes.







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Guest Daan

Thank you exeption! This gives me a better understanding about how the pen tool in Illustrator works. I still think that in this instance, Freehand was much easier to handle, though...



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