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Visual Communications 5

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I started class today, called viscomm 5, it is a photoshop class.

And the first assignment was to choose a designer and do TWO master copies in photoshop.


The first designer i chose, was daniel simon.

his work can be viewed here:



As you all have probably noticedd, i usually stay clear form color or renderings.

Mainly cuz, i suck at it LOL

I just cant do it.

Not enough practice in this area.

Well I plan to change that with the help of this class.


Im doing a master copy of one of his spacecrafts, and i spent a good 3+ hours, and i am only 1/10 complete...

With my assignments from my other classes, i have a feeling this will be one hellish week.



Just so you can gauge the difficulty or get an idea of what im tryin to do,

here is the image of the original piece:

(I didnt want to do something easy like an ipod, wanted to challenge myself so i can improve faster...

but i have a feeling i bit off more than i can chew...)


Il be posting a WIP to show the steps it took to create the master copy...


Part 1: the turbine (3+ hours of work)

1- Blocking large areas with color



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Guest Phart

cool assignment, known already about daniel simon, he made some cool creations, you didn't shoose the easyway! good luck.

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I'm sort of lost as to how spending all of this time pixel pushing to recreate an image that you're already working from is a worthwhile exercise?


Also it seems like blocking in the color like that is a futile exercise? Why not use the path tool to get some clean edges and shapes that you can start filling in with gradients/ or dodge/burn?


The main reason I ask is at the end of this you'll wind up with a piece that you can't really do anything with because it's still just a copy of someone elses work. I feel like you'd be better off doing your own interpretation to show that you know how to use Photoshop.


Just my $.02

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its an assignment the teacher gave us.


i think its for him to judge everyones level at photoshop.


and also i see it plenty helpful.

While i am doing this, i noticed ways to do things faster but achieve the same effect.

I learned color theory.

Got better at indicating areas.


And master copies are ALWAYS HELPFUL

whether you are product design student or illustration student or something else

It may not be your own original idea.

but you learn the style of another, which you can turn into your own later on in the future.



not everyone would agree with me.

but, I feel i can learn from anything.


and doing this exercise will probably teach me many things.

PLUS if i cant make it look like the original theres the accomplishment factor :]

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I'm always kind of impressed of what you end up with in this kind of exercises. And I admire your perseverance - 22 hours is a really long time for a color/photoshop job, but I bet a good exercise.


It looks great - Keep it up.



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its Week 3 now

(original vehicle/spacecraft design)


time:6 hours





Last week we had to do 60 thumbnails of vehicles or robots.

from those 60 we had to choose 1 good guy and 1 bad guy vehicle to do a rendering for week 3.


Gotta get working on the other one now.

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heres the good guy... for some reason though it looks alot scarier than the bad guy LOL

this one looks like some sort of monster, might just be me though.


5 hours later.


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