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Sketch Development

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not sure how long these are taking u.


but it seems to me that you are pretty confident when sketching.


im liking your latest sketch.

cuz it has something that all your other sketches dont have.


and that is details.


The latest sketch still has that loose, quick feel to it.

but the attention to detail makes it feel 'finished'

as opposed to all your other sketches, where it feels more like organic form studies.


As for the car sketches, id recommend you to start adding a lil bit of values and details,

nothing crazy, but a simple 1,2,3 read to get you started.


also work on your ellipses.

ellipses of the wheels + the ellipses of the wheel well.


also one big thing.


try to draw full wheels.

instead of making them disappear into the ground.


your drawings are gonna look completely different when you draw full wheels.

you wont be able to get away with many things that you were able to when drawing disappearing wheels.

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Guest Live Design

hi sketchyd thanks for the comment. im spending about 15 mins per sketch depending on how far i go, although i think that is too long. ive been trying to improve my ellipses and find a style that i like, im just not there yet. ive been putting the shading off as im still trying to get the line quality and perspective right first. your definitely right about the details. it makes such a big difference and really brings a sketch to life, ill try to incorporate some more in my future work.



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