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Guest tomhartshorne

graphics tablet

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Guest Leopold

hi all,


I might post this in the wrong thread but i hope some of you could answer my silly question:


Are all the wacom intuos3 packages come with 'corel painter' software regardless of which websites you buy from? I am thinking to get a intuos3 tablet but some websites didn't mention the software on their page.


thanks in advance for those who answer my silly question

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Do a check at the wacom website in your country. I bought mine from singapore and i got painter essential 2.


However what some countries dont include are taht some intous 3 are sold with mouse and some countries dont include the mouse.

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Guest Pats_Fan

Please clarify the sizes being posted. I keep following these tablet posts. I actually have a Intuos2 9" x 12" at work and have been considering purchasing a smaller one for home. everyone seems to post sizes like A3, A4, A6... The WACOM website does not use these size descriptions. When I search the local stores on-line and or Dell website I only see these size descriptions; Intuous3 4" x 5', 6" x 8", 9" x 12", etc...


From what I can see the recommendations are:

1. Buy Wacom type only.

2. Do not buy the Graphire because they are not for drawing.

3. Smaller (smallest tablet 4" x 5") is too small to draw on????

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Guest Kurushio

Ok ... found a nice site with a table specifying all the paper sizes to either mm's or inches.

Paper Size Table Conversion (its about half way down that page... you'll see a big table with all sizes listed)



I'm facing a similar problem being newer to the graphics sketching and hearing mixed views.

So far i know to buy a Wacom, but NOT the Graphire series? I am an amateur when it comes to sketching on tablets but I would like to know if it really is a disadvantage.


The Inutos3 A5 is only about £60 (~$120) more than the GraphireXL A5 tablet... is the Intuos really that much better? If the opinion is that Intuos is the only way to go per say... then so be it. Just need the feedback of seasoned designers and sketchers alike!


Friend of mine in the same situation is buying a Volito A6... people on amazon.co.uk have given it RAVE reviews, but will this just be a waste of cash.



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