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Small Bottle Modeling

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Guest Silveraudi01

Hi Ragde! This was an excellent tutorial. Seems simple but deceptively tricky to execute properly! Thank you! Here's my version. Got some cough syrup for you! :thumbsup:


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Guest Aaron@Melbourne

Hey Ragde, great tute. Keep the 'insider information' coming!


I had a go myself, adding in a screw-on cap.




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Guest Roger Harris

Hi Ragde,


I'm new to these forums, coming from an artistic 3d background to the product design world. I found your tutorial excellent and learned a lot!. Sadly I am a lowly freelancer and can't afford software like solidworks so my model was done in MOI3d and Rhino, which managed the job ok I thought.

I would just like to pass on my own 'trick of the trade' in relation to the liquid part of the model. If you want the render to look accurate, you need to make the liquid part slightly bigger, not smaller, so there's a tiny overlap with the bottle. If you leave a gap like in the tutorial you'll get render errors where the light ray bends through the 'air' between the glass and the liquid. If the liquid slightly intersects the glass, the render is correct. If you look at bottles filled with liquid you never see the glass thickness due to refraction. :-)


Anyway, thanks for the great tutorial and here's a pic showing what I mean and a render.





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Hi Ragde ... i'm a newbie to surfacing ...


Having issues with the shoulder as well ... boundary surface selection.


After selecting both curves, there seems to be 2 other curves formed. Is it correct? See shoulder1.jpg.


To get the curve of the shoulder as close as possible to the spline @ the 15degree sketch line, i had to adjust the tangent length to 1.2 for both selected curves. Am I supposed to move the 2 blue dots to the same position as shown in your tutorial? How do I change the direction of that arrow? See shoulder2.jpg.


Hope you can point out my mistakes. Thanks !



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Hi Roger:

Excellent job!.

That thing with the overlap is very interesting. The point is that with PhotoWorks things are not so easy, if I overlap in PhotoWorks the outcome is not good. So that's why I use the gap.




I reccomend you to download the model in my website, so you can check all the details.

(Sorry, but now I have a lot of things going on, and the time for me has become "fugitive").


Hi Domo!

Oh my God! I did no see your post until now (I was very busy!). Sorry.

Very nice work!.

I think I used plastic too.



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I am trying this tutorial and facing 2 problems:


a small one: the boundary surface for the shoulder comes not in 1 face but in 5 (??)


and a big one: the replace surface feature does not work : I get an error: the feature could not be created because it would produce self intersecting geometry!


what went wrong and how to fix this?


thanx a lot!! hope you can help me!

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