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Guest polyspeck

Work Spaces

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Guest polyspeck

hey guys


Im an interior design student in my 3rd year, from griffith University queensland college of Art. I cant wait to finish its my last yr!!! anywhoo.. i designed a work station.

desined for the use in large communal work spaces for offices or universities or schools.


I did the renders and built the furniture in Archicad

please feel free to comment i'd love to hear from you!







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Guest Jon_mase

hey there, the renderings look good and help explain your idea well. Obviously this is a finished project so I'm not sure what help feedback at this point in the project will be.

Personally I like the general idea behind your concept, moveable workspaces that whilst being for an open plan office still provide some privacy for the worker.

However, i'm not overly keen on the cupboard like design, the circular window reminds me of a porthole from a boat. You've included a light thats held on the desk, but could this have been integrated into the actual workspace frame? less clutter etc? From a development point of view I think making the whole thing modular would be quite interesting, so you can personalize your workspace, e.g. plant pot, pin board, light (a set of indentations on the main body that allows you to clip things where you want them?)


but still, a nice set of renders! Hope your exams go well and good luck with the job hunt.



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You close the windows, bad interior design according to me. You create the problem , you solve the problem, the holes in the middle of the rectangular is not nice for me.



Also,there are 4 major ways in which interior design impacts office productivity.




From aesthetic aspect, No emphasis in anywhere... I said what i saw, Sorry...

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