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Guest ryan.powell

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Guest ryan.powell

Hello to all! My name is Ryan and I'm a last semester Senior at the College for Creative studies!


So this semester I am going to design an interior for the new Boeing 787-9 that creates or exemplifies an experience. This experience will be the experience of flight. This will remain very conceptual, so some safety issues may be obvious. Some of the inspirations I am pulling this from are some of the glass bottom boats and kayaks that you can buy. These boats/kayaks create an experience within an environment. You are kayaking, but you feel as if you are in the water looking at what's below you, or to the side. This is the experience I want to create in an airplane. Instead of using glass, i would use technology like alienware and NEC's new curved displays to display, in realtime, what you are actually flying over/past. These displays could be put all around the inner fuselage, or just on the floor. This would let passengers view what is actually outside. I am also considering reconfiguring the seating to give the feeling of flight. Another idea is to split up the area so that each section has a higher or lower degree of the experience of flight, meaning more or less real time screens surrounding passengers.. I need some opinions of what you think of the overall idea as well as possibly some suggestions on what to do with the passengers who dont want the experience of flight at all. Should I even include them?


Comments and suggestions are very welcome!!


If you guys/girls would like to see any other work of mine, just let me know!

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