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Guest jabzz

Need Photoshop Help

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Guest jabzz

Hey guys, this will probably sound REALLY weird. So if you are not in the mood for weird turn away right now !


Anyway, I am not a designer,but I love this forum, I've been on this forum for 2 years, but dont really post. I just like looking at peoples work, I like art in general ! I especially like the rendering some of you guys do, they are amazing work.


I recently decided to give it a shot, not desiging. Not for anybody, but purely for myself. Just drawing random things and rendering them. So this might not be the right place to talk about this. The funny thing is what started it for me is this Facebook Application called Graffiti. I dont know if you guys are familiar with it, but its basically a social networking site and you can draw Graffiti on other peoples pages instead of leaving comments.


This graffiti is a small window and it only has 3 things. Brush size, Opacity and Color. I seem to be able to use these the best. When I try to do the same exact thing but in Photoshop, I get one big mess. Maybe I am rushing it. Maybe I am not used to Photoshop. But for some reason I can use this simple small application to create small renderings of and I cant do the same in Photoshop.


Here is a sample from Graffiti




As you can see its not a "great" render by any stretch of imagination. But I figured if I try to do it in Photoshop id get a better result. And so far I am disappointed in myself. I am overwhlemed with Opacity,Flow,Hardness ..etc. so many different settings.


Does anyone have any sort of advice for me? Has something like this ever happened to you? Can you guys post your brush setup (hardness,opacity you like to use,multiply,dissolve??) stuff like that, so I can play around with it.


Anyway, anything you can say will be greatly appreciate, and keep on doing the amazing work that you guys do.


If you got this far then thanks for listening,


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Guest ryan.manty



Great work- honestly. For a beginner, you are very attentive to light and form which is good. I would suggest googling "photosop tutorials". There are a ton out there which teach how to do things specifically, like "vector face" etc. They may not be exactly what you think you are looking for, but something will appeal. By trying them out, you will slowly learn how to use these tools. One thing I've learned about all these programs is: there is a tool and good way to do everything. If you feel like your way is a pain in the ass, it probably is lol. So play around with tools, search tutorials and keep in mind that there is usually a better way. Thats just my take.



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