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Guest bdesigns

Practicing Ellipses

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Guest bdesigns

Hey all, i was wondering if anyone has any tips in practicing freehand ellipses apart from drawing 1000 ellipses on a page everyday.


I was thinkin more like if people draw ellipses first with a stencil and den using that as an underlay. Stuff like that.


What made ur ellipses so sexy?



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If you want to get good, 1000 per day. It's all about the muscle memory and practice is the only way to do it. The only suggestions to make are to go fast/smooth. If you go slow, it'll be very rough. Also, don't try to trace over any, they'll always be off, you just have to be confident and smooth.

For practice:

I'll do an hour a day of the following drills

-Practice the ellipses, all degrees.

-Practice drawing them touching 2 lines to practice accuracy.

-Practice drawing the ellipses concentrically, around the same midpoint. 4 or 5 (It's harder than you think) Start off with the larger one and progressively get smaller. Starting small and getting larger is a harder version.

-Draw between 2 concentric ellipses. For example, draw a 3 inch circle, then a 1 inch inside of it, then try to do a 2 inch inside of the 3 dividing them (also a lot harder than you may think).

-As you get better, try it with a thinner drawing line (smaller target / harder to connect).


Try all of these with various degree ellipses, at least an hour a day and that'll get you up to speed. Good luck!

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