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Guest dZignTank

Dae Portfolio Time

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Guest dZignTank

hello all.


so its truly crunch time. one month before my portfolio for DAE is due. I've been working for over a year on this sucker. just to give you guys some background, i already studied electrical engineering, and worked as an engineer. i quit that and decided to start all over in design. i spent the last couple of years teaching myself woodworking working out of a local shop.


not that the time has finally come, i was wondering if anyone here could offer and advice or portfolio examples of what is considered a "good" portfolio. I have yet to see any examples of successful DAE portfolios and have no idea what DAE is really looking for or what they like.


i know some schools in the US want to see lots of technical skill "skteching, design drawing...etc" others want to see anything and everything.


i really have no idea, and so its kind of like working in the dark.


this is just about the most committed and the hardest I've ever worked for anything. Its only because i spent all my life doing something I didn't like, so once i found something i love, im throwing everything at it.


i would really really appreciate if anyone could share any advice or examples of what a successful portfolio entails.


thank you so much!

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Guest Dicespark

So how did your portfolio work out? Can you show us the result? Got in?

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