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The Moon: Back to the Future


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration invites college students from the arts, including industrial design, architecture, computer design, and the fine arts, to submit their work on the theme: Life and Work on the Moon.


For details...



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Have you ever wondered what banks will be like in the future?


What solutions could be adopted to redesign branch interiors, counters, reception and queuing areas?


What new areas can be created to make time spent in a bank more comfortable, relaxing, creating the feeling of 'doing something' for oneself?


The international contest "SHARE A NEW VISION: redesign the bank branch of the future"




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Guest Johannat

Here is another competition all forum participants may be interested in. Enter soon -- the deadline is a month away.


The Formica Design Award 2007/08 is an exciting competition for emerging designers. Set in the context of a sports stadium, the competition gives designers the opportunity to let their skills shine. Entrants must choose one of four categories (main entrance, public washrooms, VIP hospitality suite, or retail space) and design specific elements for the area or the whole scheme as desired.


Log onto the competition website for more information at www.formicadesignaward.co.uk Prize money, work experience and/or design development will be offered to the overall winner, and individual winners will also be rewarded.


The competition is open to all emerging designers in the UK and Ireland and will close at the end of February 2008.


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The following target groups are invited to participate in the international award: material manufacturers, developers, construction engineers, producers and students. The winners of the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award will be announced during the trade fair MATERIALICA 2008 - the international specialist fair for material applications, surface, technology and product engineering in Munich - which will be held from October 14 through 16, 2008.


Apply now!

Application deadline: June 30, 2008.

Further information: www.materialicadesign.de

Contact: Wengmann + Rattan, Lena Richter, T. 0049-(0)89-76773824, E-Mail info@wengmann-kpm.de


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Power To The Pedal


Competition Brief


The push for bicycle use is gaining global relevance not just as a leisure activity, but as a solution to a range of problems like pollution, congestion, rising gas prices and issues surrounding community health. In urban areas around the world, advocacy groups are staking a claim for bicycles and educating the public about the benefits of biking as a means of transport, fitness and fun.


Promoting bicycle use also means enabling it; local governments are being tasked to improve infrastructure to create more convenient and safer routes as well as incentives for biking. City initiatives like Bike to Work Day and other bike share projects are promoting public awareness of the positive impact of biking on health, wellbeing and the environment.


This competition calls for a biking accessory or add-on for existing bikes that would improve the bicycling experience and encourage more people to make biking their primary means of transport – more convenient, more enjoyable, safer and more integrated into daily lifestyles – whether it's for commuting, working, shopping, transporting, leisure or all of the above. In your description, you should define the user scenario and design problem that your design attempts to solve.


You cannot enter any design that already exists on the market or has been put into commercial production, or that you do not own the rights to.


Note: The submission and announcement deadlines may be subject to change.

Judging Criteria


Judging criteria specific to this competition are:


Overall effectiveness: How well does the solution provide an answer to the design problem?


Creativity: How innovative and cost-effective is the thinking behind the design?


Practicality: How successfully can the design be produced or put into practice? Can it be adapted for local production? Does it add to the safety of the cyclist, too?


Aesthetics: How strong is the design in terms of overall form and presentation?


Ecology: How well does the design respond to environmental concerns through considerations such as choice of materials, production techniques, life-span, upgrade, durability, weight, recycle, or re-use factors?



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Berne, Switzerland, May 9, 2008. The DECT Forum, the worldwide association of the wireless communication industry, in partnership with the market intelligence company Jakajima in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce the first international CAT-iq Design Competition. CAT-iq provides an open platform for pioneering IP service applications as well as new form factors for non-computing communication devices.


The DECT Forum invites design students from all over the world to compete for cash prizes by applying their creativity and engineering skills to trend-setting products and services for tomorrow’s IP based home network.




The CAT-iq Design Competition is aimed at meeting the following main goals:


* Provide an opportunity for students from a variety of design backgrounds (industrial design, interactive design, gaming design, etc.) to demonstrate their problem solving and design skills in an international competition,


* Provide the CAT-iq industry with refreshing perspectives on how designers from different disciplines and different parts of the world approach a common design challenge with respect to the new CAT-iq technology.




Students can also benefit from industry leaders who might be interested to take over their inventions for new classes of products or services.




CAT-iq as a technology platform allows new and exciting products for wireless home applications such as e.g. communication, infotainment and home control. The technology is able to access the next generation of IP networks, migrates into the home gateways and provides intelligent stand-alone solutions for the end-customers:




* Coverage of IP connectivity in the entire house


* Hands-free voice


* CD quality audio and radio applications


* Device management and remote control


* Widescreen messaging and internal communication


* Real plug & play


* Energy saving




The CAT-iq Design Competition addresses two general categories:


* Products for the home, and/or


* Services for the home.




The competition kicks off on May 8, 2008. The registration closes on September 19, 2008. The deadline for the submission of entries is October 10, 2008.


An international jury of industry leaders and design experts judges all entries


according to specific criteria.




For the winners of the competition the following prizes are available:


* First prize: 10,000 €


* Second prize: 5,000 €


* Third runner-up prize: 1,000 €


Winners will be announced on November 14, 2008.




Interested design students can find detailed information of the CAT-iq Design Competition – briefing, registration form, regulations, judging criteria, etc. – on the following website;




www.catiqdesigncompetition.org http://www.catiqdesigncompetition.org/>

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Paris, 15 May 2008




7th L'argus European Design Competition for students:


"Invent a vehicle that is useful for society"




On 21 June 2008, French magazine L'argus de l'automobile will launch its 7th European Design competition. For this new edition, it extends its scope to the broader sense of "vehicles". The goal is to come up with original, innovative and useful concepts for the movement of goods and people. Until the 21 December, students will have to imagine a new vehicle on the theme: "Invent a vehicle that is useful for society".




The subject: « Invent a vehicle that is useful for society »





To keep up with economic, political and social developments on the automobile markets in the West, manufacturers are trying to come up with new offers. At a time where the movement of individuals is fundamental, niche segments are diversifying, using more and more innovative materials, energy sources and technologies, and new travel systems, vehicles or services are appearing to benefit society as a whole.


· The student should first of all draw up a list of requirements in terms of the movement of goods, services and people on Western markets. The student shall specify those that are "socially useful" (proven or potential), depending on his or her interpretation of this notion.


· On this basis, he or she will put forward an innovative and useful vehicle concept to be manufactured and sold on Western markets. Students shall explain their choices at every step of the project (interest of the concept, selection of materials, production method, functionalities, design, etc.).




How to participate?


The competition is open to students attending design colleges within the European Union and Switzerland (automotive and industrial design, fine arts, architecture…).


For a project to be eligible, it must include 4 plates:


- 1 context plate with the project explanations and the guided commentary ;


- 1 sketch plate ;


- 2 drawing plates, including:


· Views from different angles (exterior, interior and focusing on certain functions) ;


· Captions (chosen materials, labels of the interior lay out, the vehicle architecture, the ergonomic design, the dimensions, the specific functions, etc.).




5,000 € prize and an internship at Renault's Design centre


The winner will receive a sum of 3,000 €, as well as an internship within the style department of French car manufacturer Renault. The designer of the project in 2nd place will win 1,500 € and the designer in 3rd place 500 €.


Every projects short-listed for the final will be exhibited during the award ceremony at the end of January 2009.


Information and submission : concoursdesign@argusauto.com

(if you need pictures from the previous competitions, please click here)






Elodie Brillaud, 01 58 65 00 68, ebrillaud@hopscotch.fr

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Guest Mobility

Pimp a Mobility Scooter & win $200

Competition runs June 16th to June 30th


Mobility scooters have been deemed practical and boring items for the elderly for too long!


Over the next 50 years the number of over-65’s will increase by 80%

Over 85’s are expected to double by 2028 to more than 1.8 million


With an ageing population we need to ensure our wheels are pimped, that's why we at mobility scooter are running a competition to pimp the future scooter.


Design a concept for a future mobility scooter, at present they are very basic battery powered machines with no fun or gadgets, design a concept scooter with a difference and the winner will win £100 ($200 USD)



Points will be awarded for


1/ The concept - written

2/ Visual representation - artistic impression or photoshop'd image


So whether you want to add NOS, gadgets or accessories you are only limited by your imagination, at present we do not want you to worry about cost of manufacture or whether it would actually be possible, we are looking for creative ideas demonstrated visually, so go on, pimp that scooter.


Send your entries by email to competition@mobilityscooter.co.uk

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Guest luca1

Join the Nokia Nseries Design Award, the international contest

for talented young designers from all over the world,

launched by Nokia in partnership with Gruppo Sintesi.

The contest deadline is 15th September 2008.

Inspirate yourself from the latest Nokia Nseries mobile phones:

the theme is connecting mobility, which redesigns spaces, interiors,

furniture, and complements according to new criteria.

Further details and registration on Nseriesdesignaward.com:

you might be one of the five winners!

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Registration for Participants Closes on September 19, 2008


Berne, Switzerland, September 9, 2008. The DECT Forum, the worldwide

association of the home communication industry, announces the closing

of the registration for the CAT-iq Design Competition on September 19,



Design students from all over the world can win cash-prizes as well

as market or licence their great ideas to leading companies of the

home communication industry.


“The communication business changes dramatically. We call it

overall IP communication. With your participation in the CAT-iq Design

Competition you have the opportunity to shape the future of home

communication. With some luck you can win attractive cash-prizes. But

even more, since the


leading global industry players follow this competition very closely,

the best ideas have a great chance to be manufactured and seen soon as

innovative products on the market, in stores all over the world”,

says Erich Kamperschroer, Chairman of the DECT Forum.


The CAT-iq Design Competition addresses two general categories:


- Leading-edge Products for broadband home communication




- Innovative and useful Services for broadband home communication


CAT-iq Student Design Competition Prizes:


First prize: 10,000 €


Second prize: 5,000 €


Third runner-up prize: 1,000 €


CAT-iq Student Design Competition Checklist:


Close of registration: September 19, 2008.


Submission of entries: October 10, 2008.


Announcement of winners: November 14, 2008.


More information, registration, contacts at:


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After more than 50 years dedicated to the world of design and with the intention of taking the same path for a long time, Andreu World decided, in 2001 to create the "Andreu World International Design Competition" in order to promote and discover new and talented 21st century designers.




During these years, the competition has now grown to become one of the most prestigious competitions of the international calendar. Proof of this is that designers from Spain, Chile, Japan, Australia, USA, France, Italy and Finland have already been awarded, along with more than 1000 worldwide contestants to date. The competition prestige has recently been increased due to an exclusive jury, which year after year, have the hard task of selecting the winner projects.




We thought it imperative to let you know the importance of our initiative today, and it would be highly appreciated if you would help us spread this information about taking part in this contest and help us promote the necessary creativity and motivation to help the youngest and most talented people find their place in the Labour Market.




You can find all the information regarding the contest at the Andreu World website: www.andreuworld.com.

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