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Guest hido

HIDO (Humanitarian Intern. Design Org.) has 2 CALLS FOR ENTRIES...


1) First of all we would like to pay attention to the lack of sanitary facilities in Third World Countries.


Due to free education in many developing countries, schools receive a lot more children. Organisations build new classrooms to respond to the request but there is one thing that many still forget, namely toilets. Let’s be creative and help them to find a solution to conquer this issue.

This can go from new concepts to a toilet as we know it, for rural areas out of low cost materials. MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the daily lives of million’s of children.


Submission deadline :: 22 October 2007

Announcement :: 12 November 2007



2) And secondly were are looking for creative talent to help us design our Christmas Cards.


This is an early CALL to you all to get yourself in the Christmas spirit to help us out by designing our Christmas cards which we will sell online to support our projects.

We will finally choose between 5 to 10 designs and will mention the name of the designer on the card.



Submission deadline :: 8 October 2007

Announcement :: 29 October 2007


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Guest concept269





Mazda kicked off a user-generated-contest with Facebook on 9/20. The contest focuses on design. College grads describe a hypothetical 2018 Mazda concept car with words or sketches. The top 5 get to develop their concepts with the Mazda design team, and the winner’s design will be unveiled live at the 2007 LA International Auto Show.


Come on...Zoom Zoom.....


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Guest LizSong
Win up to $75,000 for a product idea that gets kids moving! Or, help out a great organization by serving as a competition judge!


HopeLab, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of young people with chronic illness, is sponsoring an online competition called “Ruckus Nation”. Ruckus Nation challenges participants to imagine innovative products (e.g., games, devices, toys, and/or web-based, digital, or mobile solutions) that will increase physical activity among kids ages 11 to 14.


HopeLab will award more than $300,000 in cash and prizes for winning ideas. People of all ages may enter. Plus, Ruckus Nation contestants may see their ideas come to life: The best product ideas will be prototyped, tested, and broadly distributed to young people.


Since the competition opened in September, hundreds of people from around the world have registered to compete in Ruckus Nation. Now, we’re inviting people to serve as judges and help select winners. Judging is an online process that takes place in early December 2007. Think you can help identify the best ideas to get kids moving? Register to be a Ruckus Nation judge!


For more information, please visit www.ruckusnation.com. To register as a judge, click on “Register Now” and follow the instructions to sign up as a judge.


Please note: Ruckus Nation will be open to entries until November 20, 2007, but you can not participate as a Ruckus Nation judge if you or an immediate family member has entered Ruckus Nation as a contestant.


Ruckus Nation is sponsored by HopeLab (www.hopelab.org) and cosponsored by the Pioneer Portfolio of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (www.rwjf.org).



Definitely check out Ruckus Nation before the competition closes on November 20, 2007. If you miss the registration deadline to submit your winning idea (and to win up to $75,000), then at least sign up to be a judge. Judging will give you an opportunity to spice up your resume, read ideas from all over the world, and help out a great cause! If you have any questions, post away or contact me directly. Thanks!

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Volvo SportsDesign Award 2008

EcoDesign: Form Follows Sustainability


EcoDesign systematically brings ecological factors into play at the earliest stages of the product planning, development and design process. This ensures environmental factors are considered alongside classic product development criteria such as profitability, safety, dependability, ergonomics, technical feasibility and, of course, aesthetics.


Ecofriendly doesn’t have to mean ugly: Good design is one of the keys to bringing together ecology and the economy. This leads to products, systems, infrastructure and services that serve their purpose while requiring a minimum of resources, energy and space. It also reduces waste and the use and emission of hazardous substances. An ecofriendly approach embraces the complete lifecycle of a product.


EcoDesign fits in with the broader concept of “sustainable design,” which is closely related to the principle of sustainable development.





deadlines for the VOLVO SportsDesign AWARD


application deadline:

21st of December 07

(according to the stamp)


jury meeting:

beginning of January 08


nominee notification:

14th of January 08


award ceremony with

announcement of winners:

29th of January 08

(after the VOLVO SportsDesign FORUM)

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Guest jonorangelotus

Hi all. Jon Phillips here. I'm the editorial director for the tech and games magazines at Future US. I hope this is the correct forum to announce design contests; if not, I hope a moderator will graciously move this posting to the correct area. :-) At any rate, Mac|Life and the Academy of Art University are co-sponsoring a design contest focused on Apple "fauxtotypes"... Please see this contest page for more information: http://www.maclife.com/3d_design_contest . Prizes include a scholarship for the Academy or Art university and Maxon software. Thanks very much. –JP

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Design the Perfect Pen (Marksman Design Award)

Registration before 31st of January

Submission of design 7th of March


First Price: 10.000 US$ (And potentially getting a product in production)


C-Design (Citroen design)

About creating consumer products

Registration: 8th of january (one day remaining)

Deadline: ?


First Price: 10.000 Euros


And for american students there are a variety of competitions at Studica Skills

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Guest patchtogether

Calling all designers and toy enthusiasts!! Have you ever wanted to see some of your toy designs made into actual products and sold for profit? Are you sitting on a goldmine of ideas that are screaming for some attention? If so, it's time you come over to www.patchtogether and enter our toy design contest. Winning designs will receive $500 instantly along with 5% commission on all sales of final toy products manufactured by www.patchtogether.com.

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Guest Hana




Hi all!


Current modeling contest Personalize your electric scooter! relates to scooter tuning.

The main goal is to introduce applicability of 3D technologies - of 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing to a wider public through creativity and knowledge of young people.


This year the main topic of design projects is personalization of electric scooter.


Four Categories of SCOOTER TUNING:

1. Design of decals (2D labels)

2. Electric scooter as advertising media

3. Design new scooter’s body parts (3D CAD)

4. Design new scooter’s body (3D CAD)

There's no need to send physical samples of the work!




March 5, 2008: Deadline for free registration

March 16, 2008: Deadline for sending/uploading submitted works



Win your own electric scooter!

Discover Adriatic sea with sailing and learn more about DSSP!

Win your own Rhinoceros 4.0 license!

Get a lot more sponsor prizes!

Be presented at FESPA Digital Printing Europe, Geneva, Switzerland!


Tell your friends and win sailing trip on Adriatic sea with DSSP (digital shape sampling and processing) training!


Entry is free.

Participants are students or professionals born after January 1, 1978.



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page01_title.jpgpage01_img01.jpg A Day of Digital Life


Ever imagined a different day while living in digital world? Ever thought about creating innovative digital technology to make life more wonderful? Describe your one day in digital world in words (up to 400 words) or drawing (up to 1 jpg file), and explain how people will use your innovation in their everyday digital life.


Note: Your description of one day in digital world will be merely the

reference to your submitted entry. It won’t be considered as the

criteria of selecting finalists and winners.


Design Categories

Contestants will submit designs of the following categories of 4C products (Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics and Car electronics) that will enhance the quality of all aspects of life.

  • Digital Green Technology: such as products used for preserving energy resources, protecting environment and recycling material resources.
  • Digital Mobile Technology: such as car electronics, GPS, mobile storage, data transmission devices which enable and facilitate communication between parties in motion.
  • Digital Entertainment Technology: such as game consoles, sports equipment etc. for recreational activities.
  • Digital Home Technology: such as TV tuner, DVD burner/player, familial sound and recording systems, electronic books, digital study aids etc. which enhance the quality of family life, parenting, children’s learning process and the strength of family ties.
  • Digital Office Technology: such as multi-functional office machine, projector, video conference setup which increase office efficiency and effectiveness.
  • E-Service Technology: devices for health care or any required service in daily life.



More at:


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The Royal National Institute for Deaf People's "Don't Lose the Music" campaign, has been a huge success over the last four years, receiving an unprecedented amount of media coverage and creating a large impact in the public arena.


However, the industry has yet to react to this market and there are still no hearing protection products that are designed for young people (16-30 year olds) at music events (clubs, gigs etc.).


"We have identified this clear gap in the market for hearing protection and we feel that we are best suited to execute the optimum solution.


At RNID we pride ourselves on producing innovative products and on working in partnership with prominent manufacturers, industrial designers and students."


Social noise levels in the UK have tripled since the early 1980s.


This means we are exposed to more noise in our daily lives than previous generations.


One way to protect hearing is by wearing earplugs.


Good quality earplugs don't block your hearing; they attenuate the sound, which means the decibel level reaching your ear is reduced but most importantly, you can still hear the music you are listening to.


The main aim of this project is to investigate whether it is possible to do for earplugs what has been done for spectacles in recent years, and turn a medical product into a desirable one.



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