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Guest Hana

Hi all!


Here is one interesting free Student Contest 2007 Let's make it in 3D!. Main intention is to acquaint students with the new technology of 3D scanning and 3D printing. They will be presented with an offer to express their own creativity and knowledge through making 3D models.


1.) Making authorial artistic composition in 3D software with 3D scanned element (Producers of scanners or bidders of services are available for consulting and to offer technical help.)


2.) Making a copy of existent architectural building or some other 3D works of art


May 04, 2007 – Deadline for sending 3D models






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Guest Seatability



Seatability, a revolutionary office chair manufacturer, announces their “Innovate with Elastic Design Competition.” The contest calls for office chair designs that are functional yet intuitive, as well as innovative in their use of elastic technology. The deadline for all entries is May 1, 2007.


The winning design will be put into production and marketed under the Seatability brand, and the winner will also receive $1,000 cash prize, roundtrip airfare for two to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Los Angeles, and an all expenses paid vacation. There are no limitations on who may enter.


For more information, official contest rules and judging criteria visit www.innovatewithelastic.com or contact Seatability online at www.seatability.com or call 1-800-715-3346.

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The Firmwareproject explores the "Firm" not too Soft or too Hard side of design. In other words Concepts. Thats right intend to celebrate concepts and the great excitment that follows with it. It is a tri-monthly design exercise or a project that hopefully gets you out of the rut, or just inspires to be a better designer. If you have an idea floating in your head that matches our theme bang it out as a sketch, 2D or 3D what ever your fancy as long as your work communicates your idea. Heck submit a cool napkin sketch if you like!

March 2007 theme: Re-Live


Design Brief: To reinterpret, recycle or give a new life to an old product.


Description: Old products (eg. music tape player, toaster, fix line phone, filament light bulb). To come out with a new or innovative use and style, for aging or retired consumer goods that can best reflect our present and future lifestyle or needs. It can be anything; the limit is your imagination! Think free!


The background to this project is to foster a conscious discussion on consumer consumption and what we can do as designers to reduce it or to give new life to a product so that it can continue to do its job above and beyond its expected life span.


Design Time frame: 1 Month, 12th march 2007 - 09th April 2007, 23.59pm



1) Concepts in any style and description that best sells your idea to the voting arena

2) File format to be in jpegs at 1024×768

3) Up to a max of 3 files, submitted directly at the IDAsia.org forum.

4) All submitted concepts will be vetted by the organisers and by 1-2 guest judge/s (the names will be announced prior to voting) who will form the initial assessment committee. The assessment will be based on 2 criteria.

a) Relevant to Theme

b ) Possibility for realization and manufacture in the next 1-3 years.


The short listed concepts will then be put into a voting system at http://www.firmwareproject.com

Voting Time frame: 1 Month, 15th April 2007 - 14th May 2007, 23.59pm

Venue: FWP website > http://www.firmwareproject.com


Final Judges: The public via an online voting process, so we encourage you to advertise your submission as much as possible and get as many people to vote as possible!

Prize: At the end of it all, IDAsia.org will give away a cash prize of USD15 to the best idea voted by the public. All winning concepts will be put into a pool and may have an opportunity to be realized and brought to fruition with the IDAsia.org incubation scheme (more details later!)


Terms and Conditions: The project is open to ALL IDAsia.org forum members. (Just sign up its easy!) All design and concepts submitted will still be the property of the submitting designer. Idasia.org and The Firmwareproject (FWP) will not be responsible for the views expressed in the concepts submitted nor for any copyright infringement issues that may arise. However upon payment of the cash prize, IDAsia.org and FWP has the rights to use the design ideas for any website and/or publicity purposes with the designer’s name acknowledge on the concept. The objective is to showcase the designer and his/her talent.


IDAsia.org and FWP may at anytime terminate the contest and reject all prize claims due to unforeseen circumstances and/or acts of God. IDAsia.org and FWP may at anytime contact any of the submitting designers (not necessary the winners) for further collaborations and/or refinement of the submitted design concepts for promotion or manufacturing and sales.


Please post any questions you may have here!

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Guest krivo321

Prize: At the end of it all, IDAsia.org will give away a cash prize of USD15 to the best idea voted by the public. All winning concepts will be put into a pool and may have an opportunity to be realized and brought to fruition with the IDAsia.org incubation scheme (more details later!)


15 us dollars?


you have to be joking

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Guest kekata

Promosedia International Design Competition -

Caiazza Memorial Challenge


The PROMOSEDIA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION - CAIAZZA MEMORIAL CHALLENGE acts as a workshop of ideas, experimentation and exploration, centring youthful creative attention on CHAIRS, a subject which seems to have been solved already in a thousand different ways.


The formula for the competition its devided in Public Section, open to professionals under 40 and students of design, the special “Section by Invitation” which will consist of six established young designers, selected by important names in international design.


The important display, to be housed within Promosedia-International Chair Exhibition in Udine, will further enhance the works of the Competition Winner and the Section by Invitation, with prototypes made in collaboration with the best prototype makers working in the Chair District.

> Promosedia Design Competition - Information







go go go! ;)

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Guest Xida Young

CO.CAA Design Award (Second Life)


Participate now and win magnificent prizes!


On 07/12/2007 in the Cocomore Center of Applied Arts the first CO.CAA Design Award event begins.


In Second Life on the Cocomore Beach the CO.CAA will be organising exhibitions of Second Life


Design Objects on varying subjects. Each exhibition is in conjunction with a competition. The


theme of the first exhibition is: “Virtual Furniture”.


All those who design Second Life Furniture may participate in the exhibition and the


competition. The exhibition shall take place from the 07/12/2007 to the 09/30/2007 in the


Cocomore Center of Applied Arts. The exhibits will be selected and assessed by a jury consisting


of a team of internationally renowned designers: Fritz Frenkler, Jasper Morrison & James Irvine.


The three best objects will be rewarded at the end with the CO.CAA Design Award and win:


1st prize = 100.000 Linden $

2nd prize = 50.000 Linden $

3rd prize = 25.000 Linden $


So come on – join in and register for participation.



Who can take part?


All who design and realise original pieces of furniture in Second Life may exhibit in the


CO.CAA. Important: The objects should be your own creations, not copies of real-life furniture!


Every exhibitor may, for the duration of the exhibition, present one object each. Copies of the


exhibits may also be sold during the exhibition through the agency of the CO.CAA.


How can an exhibit be registered?


In order to register an object for the exhibition, it is sufficient to send a short e-mail with


the relevant information pertaining to the exhibit:


- SL Name of the creator

- A short description (a maximum of 500 characters) of the object

- 1-3 Screenshots of the exhibit (jpg or gif)

- Contact address of the creator (e-mail)


Please send the information pertaining to the object by the 06/25/2007 to


cocaa@secondlife.cocomore.com. The jury will subsequently select the objects for the exhibition


and you will be notified by us.


Detailed information pertaining to the exhibition and the conditions for participation may be


found on Cocomore-Beach in the CO.CAA building (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cocomore/183/183/22).

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Guest TrinityX

MAINGEAR Chassis Design Competition!


The Introduction


Well hello, and welcome to MAINGEAR Forums. We here at MAINGEAR have been deciding on changing our chassis design to an exclusive MAINGEAR case. In doing so we have created many of our own designs however, we have been unable to pick a design of our own and would like to have the public’s opinion. Therefore, we have decided that we want you, the public, to design our chassis for us. That’s right, we believe that the best designs will come from the people who look at and want our systems everyday.


The Challenge


MAINGEAR is holding a competition to see who can create the best chassis design based on two different chassis we currently are looking at.

Both Chassis are based off of Lian-Lilogo.gifProductions.

  1. V1000 More Info
  2. PC-A12 Classical Series Design More Info

Keep in mind this is an all aluminum chassis and there should be no plastic involved.


We want every submitter to keep in mind that this is a competition however we want you to have fun. Make it how you see it or what you envision in your mind. Don’t worry about sending in ideas that are crazy or outlandish, every crazy idea leads to a miraculous invention. Enjoy yourself and we here at MAINGEAR look forward to seeing what you can do.


The Prize

  1. Grand Prize - There will be one Grand Prize winner in this competition. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $1,000 CASH PRIZE and THEIR CUSTOM CHASSIS DESIGN MANUFACTURED in their choice of black or silver brushed aluminum.
    (All taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner; the value of the prize will be treated as ordinary income to prize recipient.)
  2. Runner Up - There will be one runner up that will receive a $300 cash Prize.

The Submission


When submitting an entry you must include all of the following listed information


Each entry must include in an email:

  1. All entries must be submitted to peter@maingear.com and Wallace@maingear.com
  2. Submitter’s full name, address, phone number and email address along with images of chassis design
  3. Both Jpeg and PSD formats are required for submission with resolutions of 300 DPI and 1280 x 1024
  4. As much information possible about the design
  5. Chassis must be made of aluminum please no plastic concepts

You understand that you will not be paid any money for submitting your Submission, for granting the rights to your Submission set forth in this Agreement to MAINGEAR Computers or for agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth herein.


Judging and Winner Selection


Judging the winners will come in two forms. All submissions must be submitted to the email address above. This is to keep each submission confidential until voting time arrives. The designs will be judged by the MAINGEAR staff after all submissions have been entered and the competition has ended. MAINGEAR will pick 5 finalists. These five finalists will then be placed up on the MAINGEAR forums for voting and you the forums users will have the final say on the best design. The one with the most votes and biggest talked about commotion on the forums will win the GRAND PRIZE.


Judging and Winner Selection:




5/18/07: Launch of Competition: 45 day (approx) submission period for entrants to submit original, completed or uncompleted chassis designs.


7/2/07: At 11:59 pm EST the Submission period officially closes.


7/5/07: MAINGEAR will post the five finalists that they have chosen to move into the next round of voting.




7/5/07: 5 finalists from the Round 1 posted by the Competition administrator and are live on maingearforums.com for a two week rating period.


7/19/07: Voting period ends.


7/19/07: 1 Grand Prize Round 2 winner and 1 Runner up winners are announced, based on the highest number of votes and ratings from members of maingearforums.com.




I left the terms and conditions on their main page.... maingear competition page

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Guest Xida Young

Win a design distinction and prize from world famous designers



Link: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cocomore/183/183/22



The Cocomore Center of Applied Arts (CO.CAA) on Cocomore Beach is Second Life’s first museum of applied


arts. Distinguished designers Jasper Morrison, James Irvine, and Fritz Frenkler are its curators. The


CO.CAA will host two exhibitions a year, and three of the objects included will receive an award bestowed


by the world renowned curators. With the distinction come prizes of up to 100.000 L$.



The first exhibition will present furniture created for Second Life. You can now submit one or more


objects, which you created, to be exhibited. To do so, please contact the CO.CAA by June 10, 2007 by


simply sending to sl@cocomore.com:


- A screenshot for each object you submit

- Your contact address (e-mail or your name in SL).



Before the start of the exhibition you will be informed whether the curators have selected one or more of


your objects to be exhibited (maximum of three objects per creator will be chosen). The furniture


exhibition starts on July 12, 2007. However, do not forget that the deadline for submitting objects is


June 10! So, the best you can do is to submit your objects right now.



Once an object of yours has been chosen to be exhibited the CO.CAA team will arrange with you for setting


it up in the exhibition hall. By the way, you are welcome to visit the exhibition hall.




Cocomore Center of Applied Arts



Xida Young

Exhibition Coordinator




The CO.CAA is an initiative of Cocomore, a Web Agency headquartered in Frankfurt/Germany working for


clients like Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Deutsche Bank, Sanofi-Aventis, or RTL Television.

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Guest Design Lab 2007

Electrolux Design Lab 2007: Electrolux is seeking green solutions for the year 2020


Electrolux Design Lab 2007, for its 5th annual competition, invites design students around the world to present their ideas for eco-friendly and sustainable household appliances and solutions for 2020.


Electrolux, one of the world’s leaders in innovative cooking and cleaning solutions for the home, once again is encouraging students across the globe to fire up their creative juices and design household appliances for the future.


This year’s requirement is that submissions be environmentally-sound, commerciallyviable and enable people to better live in harmony with the environment. The goal is to go above and beyond simple energy and water efficiency and suggest ways to foster sustainable behavior and product usage.


“We see this competition as one way Electrolux can involve the creativity of young people and get them to focus on a global climate problem that will affect us all,†says Hans Stråberg, Electrolux President and CEO.


Over the years thousands of students have participated in Electrolux’s Design Lab global competition that has culminated in a series of international workshops and press events at the finals, which previously have taken place in Budapest, New York, Stockholm and Barcelona. The location for this year’s Design Lab event is Paris.


â€Design is at the heart of the Electrolux brand,†says Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President – Global Design. “I’m excited that this year’s competition will bring us some innovative sustainability ideas that might one day reach the consumer.â€


The Design Lab 2007 has a First Prize of 5,000 Euro and a six-month internship at one of Electrolux’s global design centers. An international jury will judge the entries based on intuitive design, innovation, consumer insight, and the ability to promote sustainable development for the future.


Entries must be submitted by August 1, 2007, via the Internet at Electrolux Design Lab web site. A limited number of finalists will be chosen by the end of September. They will be invited to Paris to make a final presentation to the jury in late November, after which the winner will be announced and the prizes awarded.


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Guest droog




a new competition, launched by Droog Design in April.


Competition guidelines


Who can participate


The competition is open to everyone with interesting and challenging ideas regarding the climate.




The process

Out of all the entries, Droog Design will select ten design proposals which they think most suitable.


The selected proposals will be presented to the public through our website.


They will have the final say in who will be the overall winner; the idea that gets voted for most, will win the competition.


Droog Design will investigate if the proposals can be realized.


It also obtains the right to exhibit the proposals in our gallery droog@home and other possible venues.






Deadline for entries: June 30th 2007


Pre selection Droog Design: September 1st 2007


Final selection winning design: October 1st 2007



How to send in your proposals


Send in via e-mail to: studio@droogdesign.nl:


Your proposal *

Your contact details



* in digital form; use the following formats: .gif, .jpeg, (72 dpi - max 500 kb each file) .wmv, .mp3, .wma, .doc (no more than 500 words)




Please send the entry form, conditions of entry and the copyright assignment, all signed, to: Droog Design, attn. Nora Schuit, Staalstraat 7a, 1011 JJ Amsterdam,


stating ‘Climate competition’ on the envelop.




Authors and copyright


You are requested to sign the competition entry form, conditions of entry and the copyright assignment in order to be able to take part in this competition.




Any questions ?


inquiries to nora@droogdesign.nl


please write in the subject line: ‘Climate competition’


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Guest jfleisher

Hi, I work for one of the sponsors of this challenge, Newark, but not interested in getting you to buy anything, just to be aware of the competition. It's called Live EDGE--Electronic Design for the Global Environment.


We're looking for designs utilizing electronic components that positively impact the environment. The winner will receive $50K in cash, plus $50K in support to move the design towards production. Thee are also five, $5,000 Honorable Mentions. All IP rights are retained by entrants/winners. You can register/find out the details at www.live-edge.com/info Check it out.

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Guest ian4321

Product Design Tips have a new design competition called Bluesky 2020.


It looks quite interesting because the brief is very broad and you can submit designs either medical,

transport, consumer electronics, security and sporting equipment.


Take a look for yourselves




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