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FoPDA (Food Packaging Design Awards) is an invitational competition for students of selected art and design universities worldwide. The competition is jointly organized by Stora Enso and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. Its purpose is to improve existing packaging solutions and to identify new applications for paperboard in food packaging.



Deadline: 30 April 2006.



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Guest Spaces



SPACES offers a unique showcase setting for students from design schools around the world in which they can compete against one another for international recognition, gifts from sponsors and a cash prize. Over the course of the competition, the selected candidates will have many opportunities to display their design skills and techniques to TV viewers, industry professionals, developers and retailers from around the world. The designers will be required to complete a variety of challenging tasks utilizing all design mediums; interior, fashion, home décor, urban-living, furniture, accessories, etc.


All design disciplines can enter to win $20,000.00


Spaces International

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3D Youth Model Contest


Just received a mail from 'SDT Institute and Center for Screen, Digital and Pad Print'




SDT Institute (Zavod za Sito, Digitalni in Tampo tisk, Partizanska cesta 82,

6210 Se�ana, Slovenia) in cooperation with the Center for Screen, Digital

and Pad printing Portal Community (CeSDT) - http://www.all4print.net/ - and

the Section for Screen, Pad and Digital Print at the Slovenian Chamber of

Commerce, supported by FESPA will be holding a competition for students and

apprentices in 3D printing. Main intention is to represent new technology of

3D printing to all printers throguh the creativity and knowledge of European

students by creating designs for tommorow's world. Ideas of the youth are

the engine of the World.


The contest is divided on Five categories: 1- Industrial Design (Product

Design), 2- Engineering, Construction and Rapid Prototyping, 3- Architecture

and Urbanism (Civil engineering), 4- GIS Applications (3D Terrain, Urban

Models,...) and 5- Medicine, Prosthetics, 3D Computer Art and Archeology.


In each Category Three main Awards will be given. Every awarded model will

be exhibited at the 3D Print Forum in Amsterdam (RAI). The entrants of the

winning models will also receive their own 3D model of their design printed

in colours on a 3D printer as an award.


See pdf for more info: http://www.all4print.net/3dpf/files/3d_tender.pdf

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C A L L - F O R - E N T R I E S

designboom and BÃœSSEL international design competition.

participation is open to applicants from every country in the world,

to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts.

free registration required.


‘your way to coway’

.. imagine your life - design your living


participants are requested to submit their designs and concepts for one

or more of the three categories:

a – THE KITCHEN OF TOMORROW (future kitchens)

b – CONVERGENGE OF SPACE (one environment for cooking - dining - living)

c – KITCHEN APPLIANCES (what might be brought to the market in the next 10 years)


Original info at:




registration deadline

application registration will be accepted through june 05, 2006

submission deadline: june 15, 2006

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Opus Design Award 2006



Eyewear that is always beautiful, practical, fashionable and fun.

Eyewear that puts energy into activities of body and mind that supports a rich and enjoyable life in an aging society.

The pursuit of design is a perpetual theme, as design is indispensible.

We have prepared a stage of free expression for the creative passion and will invite creators of the world to propose a new form.



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Muji is launching an international design competition. A project calling for entries from all over the world of designs that shake up and stir people. The results will be announced at the Milan Salone. Our first theme is “SUMI”, We're asking you to focus your design, not on the major pieces that are central to a room, rather to observe the extremes of the space, the unexplored areas of consciousness. We invite anyone in the world to propose a new Muji product!

Original info:



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Microsoft / Next Generation Design Competition


The Challenge

Rethink the Windows-based PC experience today and the role it plays in people's lives. Envision how form factor influences the digital lifestyle-from personal productivity at work or home, to entertainment, mobility and lifestyle. Think big, be bold, be inspired, but pay attention to sustainable technologies, and ecological and environmental innovation.


Competition Timeline



March 27, 2006: Competition announced, entry kits available for download.


August 15, 2006 through December 18, 2006, 11:59 pm EST: online entry submission is open. Entries must be submitted online by 11:59 pm EST.


Visit competition website: http://www.nextgendesigncomp.com

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Guest Rafael



Unfortunately only a Dutch site..

But here's the deal: design the new bodywork of a Burton kitcar (http://www.burtoncar.nl).

You can download the undercarriage of a Citroen 2CV in SolidWorks format and an educational license of SolidWorks 2006.




Could be cool, but again sorry for the language barrier





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The subject of the design competition is “healthy eating habits 2016”


We are looking for product ideas around:

-Food preservation that promotes healthy eating habits

-Food preparation that promotes healthy eating habits



The registration and submission deadline

Applicant registration and submissions will be accepted through August 18, 2006.




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