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VDA Design Award Segment 2020



With the first SEGMENT 2020 design competition, the organisers call upon young designers throughout the world to take a visionary look at the subjects of mobility and individual transport in 2020.


Subject and task


The task set by the competition is to work on and design a visionary vehicle segment in the field of individual transport for 2020 (Segment 2020).


The design should take account of the following factors:


    * The demographic situation to be expected in 2020. Keyword: aging society.

    * A flexible interior concept that permits the vehicle to be put to different uses (number of people).

    * The integration of innovative drive systems.


For the organisers, the emphasis is on the visionary aspect of the designs. Nevertheless, it is important that the project be within the realm of technical feasibility.



Walter de'Silva, Head of Audi Brand Group Design, Audi AG

Prof. Peter Pfeiffer, Head of Design, Mercedes Car Group, DaimlerChrysler AG

Bryan Nesbitt, Executive Director Design, Adam Opel AG

Martin Smith, Director Design, Ford AG


Chairman and patron: Prof. Bernd Gottschalk, President of the VDA




Deadline for entries and project submission: 29 July 2005 (date of postmark)

Jury meeting: August 2005

Presentation: 15 September 2005, IAA, Frankfurt am Main

Exhibition: 15 to 25 September 2005, IAA, Frankfurt am Main

Collection of projects: until 31 October 2005

Original info at:



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Guest Infamous

Hello, this is my first post.


For anyone interested in lighting / luminaire (light fixture) design. There is an annual competition called the Robert Bruce Thompson Student Fixture design competition. The design application is different every year, but all have had the common theme of promoting energy efficiency, style, and manufacturability of light fixtures.


It is a generous competition in that it allows the entrant to keep ownership of thier project. The prizes are 5, 2.5, and 1 thousand dollars for first, second, and third place respectively. The competition is open to all full time students in an architecture, interior, lighting or industrial desgn and engineering program


I am posting this here now, because I don't think the organizers do enough to promote the competition. Most people in industrial design or architecture haven't heard of it. Every year the winning entries have been less than spectacular, with few showing any understanding of form, proportions, color, materials, and presentation.


Check it out.




US students only!

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Guest winwing

New York Collective for the Arts presents...



June 21st, 2005 to September 25th, 2005





anOTHER T.SHIRT COMPETITION, is a NYC-based competition/ exhibition/ limited-edition sale of "work of art" t-shirts submitted by graphic designers and artists from all over the world, and juried by a select group of professionals who represent the design, fashion, and gallery world. The COMPETITION is a reinterpretation of the traditional t-shirt competition. Using a t-shirt as medium/raw-material or a jumping off point, we are looking for submissions which extend the boundaries of what a t-shirt is and what graphic design is. We are seeking entries that bring us into the world of inventive, playful, unconventional design.


New York Collective is now accepting entries for the contest portion of this event (as of 6.21.05) Submissions must be received by Midnight GMT of August 13th, 2005. A total of eight winning submissions will be selected by our judges. Those winning entries will be shipped to New York (by NYCollective) and featured at a NEW YORK COLLECTIVE flash environment; a temporary exhibition space/store. Open from September 13thâ€â€September 25th, 2005, during NYC fashion week, it will be kicked off by a DJ'd opening night party (9.13.05), and will also include the sale of winning artists' entries in limited edition multiples produced by NEW YORK COLLECTIVE.



Rachel Comey – Fashion Designer- Rachel Comey

Adam Glickman – Publisher/Creative Director - Tokion Magazine

Peter Hahn – CoFounder - Turntable Lab

John Hobbs – Courator - Riviera Gallery

Toshiki Okazaki – Director - Zakka Corp

Isa Saalabi – CoFounder - Nom de Guerre




Anyone 18 or over is eligible to enter anOTHER T.SHIRT COMPETITION. You may enter as many times as you wish. Please visit design.nycollective.org for entry key, submission form, and complete contest details.


SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: There is a $5 submission fee per entry for this competition. Upon payment, artist will receive an entry key with which they then may upload and submit up to three (3) jpg images of submission. Artist will also be asked for contact information, media used, and other details relevant to their project. Only one submission per entry key. These images and information provided will be the sole deciding factor in judging this contest.


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: All entries must start with a t-shirt. Artist may alter, develop or build upon it anyway they wish. Entries must be limited in size to 2' x 3' x 5' and weigh under 8lbs (US). All materials must be your original work. Winners will be notified no later than September 1, 2005. The decision of the judges and of NEW YORK COLLECTIVE is final.





NEW YORK COLLECTIVE FOR THE ARTS is a 501©(3)(pending) non-profit organization whose mission is to create programs in the arts that provide opportunities for the development of talent and promotion of artistic culture in New York. Our members are diverse individuals who have the common goal of providing artists a platform for their work through events and collaborations with NEW YORK COLLECTIVE.


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Guest nate



The 10th Intl. Bicycle Design Competition http://design.runride.com


NT$500,000 Grand Prize is Waiting for YOU!

The Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) is organizing the 10th international bicycle design competition and invites entries. There is no entry fee!

You may read about it, especially the schedule and the rules, on the web page http://design.runride.com

You may register through this web page from May 1 to Aug 15, 2005.

You have until August 15 2005 to submit your work for preliminary evaluation.

Twenty-four finalists will be selected and notified by September 15, 2005.

These twenty four submit their final work by December 20, 2005. Final results will be announced on March 8 , 2006, the first day of the 2006 Taipei International Cycle Show.


Participants submit the works for the preliminary evaluation through the Internet, they do not need to print the graphics out and mail them! The whole judging process will also be conducted with computer program.

Please feel free to see the latest statistics at http://design.runride.com/DESIGN/THROUGH/L...?store=register


Contact: http://design.runride.com

E-mail: ibdc@anet.net.tw / competition@tbnet.org.tw



copied from core77 post

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First "MAIER S. COOP" Automotive Mechanism And Accessories Competition


The objective of this Competition is to award prizes to the design and/or development projects for Vehicle Interior Mechanisms and Accessories which contribute relevant Novelty and Inventive Activity.


More info at:



Deadline: 15th September 2005

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Photoreal Furniture Competition


Any original photoreal seating product, that is, typically-but not limited to- products in which a person could interface their body in a seated or lounging position. Products created using any design software i.e. Vellum, Alias Studio, MAYA, Autodesk Inventor, 3d Max, Rhino 3d, Solid Works, Solid Designer, 3d, Unigraphics, ICEM, or Pro/ENGINEER, Think3, Vecterworks, Catia, SDRC, and Microstation to name a few. This 2005 competition sought computer-generated renderings of seating products: outdoor seating, stackable furniture, sofas, lounges, bar stools and hot tubs Wicker Furniture. Bamboo furniture is also encouraged because one of our publicists in in China and can arrange for the winner in that category to make it to China for a tour of a factory that takes advantage of the huge bamboo resources of China.



November 30th 2005


More info at:



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4th L'Argus European Design Competition


This year, budding designers are to imagine and design a proposal for a Utility Vehicle on the theme « Bringing the country back to life ».


Large areas of Europe today are being depopulated. Local shops have gone out of business or are barely surviving (grocery stores, tobacconists/newsagents, pharmacies, haberdashers, etc.). The same is true of essential services like access to health care services (general medicine, medical tests, X-rays, etc.), which are increasingly concentrated in the big urban areas.


So your Utility Vehicle will have to provide an answer that is both simple and innovative for private users and small businesses in rural areas or with links to these areas. It could, for example, be designed to transport local goods and/or services (hairdresser, post office, mobile shops ... or even all three), or become the recommended vehicle for the logistical needs of businesses (supplies, deliveries, etc.).



November 7th 2005


The competition is open to students enrolled at design schools in the European Union (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) or in Switzerland.

Official info at:



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Guest Sir Ravel



Projects entering the “Designing a Sustainable Future†contest should foster the sustainable mindset of design. The contest welcomes all creative entries that combine high-quality design with a distinct contribution to the goal of sustainable need-fulfilment. Priority value is assigned to environmental, economical and social benefits throughout the life cycle of the proposed design.

Submission before March 1st, 2006 - 12:00 a.m.


When someone join this one ; start a new topic!




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Guest Tom Devoldere

Designing a Sustainable Future





Projects entering the “Designing a Sustainable Future†contest should foster the sustainable mindset of design. The contest welcomes all creative entries that combine high-quality design with a distinct contribution to the goal of sustainable need-fulfilment. Priority value is assigned to environmental, economical and social benefits throughout the life cycle of the proposed design.



The contest is open to all projects executed entirely by a student or a team of students in the framework of his/their bachelor or master studies (or equivalent), and shall not have been completed since longer than three years on June 1st, 2006. During evaluation of the projects the overall manpower available for the design project will be taken into account.



First prize: ° 2500 euro offerd by Els Van Weert, Belgian State Secretary for Sustainable Development and Social Economy,

° Exhibition in the Design Museum Gent

Runner-up: ° 1000 euro

Public award: ° Innovation Suite 3.1 Deluxe software and training (value 2495 euro) offered by CREAX


Contest website

For more details visit our website: http://www.mech.kuleuven.be/designcontest/

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Guest SASA

Chartman International Design Competition


Theme ' Glasses' Frames

The most important function of glasses is ‘ to assist the faculties of people’s eyes’. Therefore people with fine and healthy eyes do not need them. Although this is a design competition, the meaning of ‘design’ here is almost infinite. We ask you to present archetypical designs without conscious and decorative elements for the frames of glasses, which are made possible by highly technological skills.

The theme of this competition is to seek for the forms of‘ the glasses for the people who cannot do without them’ based on the concept that ‘the best is, after all, not to wear glasses’. This means that the designs sought for here should be the ones that give you‘ the lightness of wearing nothing’, ‘the strength that doesn’t bother your consciousness’, ‘the small size that occupies the least space of your face’ and ‘ the feeling of wearing nothing even if you are wearing them.’.....




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the subject of the international design competition is

‘shelter in a cart’

design a cart that can provide shelter and storage.urban homeless use carts to carry their possessions and to

collect goods (like bottles, cardboard, etc.) that they then return

to various recyclers in exchange for cash. this provides a small

and valuable income. it is essential that your cart design not only

accommodates all these functions but that it is affordable

(for production and for private parties or charity organisations

who wish to donate them).


registration deadline

application registration will be accepted through to february 28th, 2006


Original info at: http://www.designboom.com/cart_shelter.html

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