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Opus Design Award 2005


Eyewear designs for such fashion galasses, correcting glasses, sports glasses, sun glasses and reading glasses, eyewear related accessories (frame case, tassel and holder)





February 1, 2005 - April 30, 2005


Submission of Entries:

April 1, 2005 - May 31, 2005 (entry deadline)



Mid-October, 2005

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The Coram Sustainable Design Award





a. Watering down

Design a product or system which helps reducing the amount of water used in Western World households.


b. Watering up

Design a product or system which gives or improves access to sufficient quantities of clean water for people living in Third World areas.


Registration: before Feb. 28th, 2005


Entries: until April 30th, 2005


Competition closed

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The Watch Design Competition




Do you have aspirations to be a successful designer whose work is of global presence? Seize this opportunity and start designing! Enter the 2005 Spring Watch Design Competition. The objective of the competition is to design a functional watch or timepiece inspired by the hip-hop culture of America. The winning watch design will be mass-produced, marketed globally and will receive major international recognition.


Submission of Entries: will be accepted until April 30, 2005. The winning submission will be posted on this site on May 14, 2005


Competition closed

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Guest viper5191

Michelin Challenge Design - vehicle design concepts for the California market that incorporate an alternative powertrain and consider the affect of that powertrain on tire size and appearance and the role electronic technologies could play in tire systems.


Michelin Challenge Design


Finalsits are Displayed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. My Audi Nurburgrin made it in for this year's auto show, see their gallery. Great contest for exposure! B)

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Guest suming

red dot award: design concept 2005


Call for submissions - 1 March 2005 to 31 July 2005


This is the third competition for the red dot design awards.


The design concept competition stands alone as the only concept-based international award. This award reinforces red dot’s recognition of pre-production ideas and concepts: sparks that trigger the propelling speed of innovation, jumpstarts the vision of design trends, manifests the virtual into visual.


In an international open field of competition, red dot invites without reservation: students and professionals, design houses and services, design research facilities and facilitators, design based companies and entrepreneurs. red dot will seek out the best, and celebrate imagination.


red dot: luminary

The prize awarded fos this competition will go to the single most exceptional work from each of the three submission entrants. The prize is the highlight of the gala night, honouring the ingenuity and creativity of designer or design team. Each luminary is a USD5,000 prize presented to each entrant category: company, professional and student.


More information can be found at red dot online

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Guest Paul Hendrikx

Thanks for sharing all those great competitions!


I've got some of my own to add, not all of them are open to just everyone!




Design a new bridge for the harbour of Rotterdam, year 2030. Submissions until the 29th of July.




Design a new concept for dealing with junk alongside roads, submissions until the 20th of May.




Design a small gift that companies can give away to their customers, submissions until the 16th of May.




Design a new water bottle with the theme: a party in Monaco! Registrations until the 15th of April.




Design of a new kind of package made out of cardboard.


That's it for now, as you see there's enough to do. As soon as I locate another one I'll be sure to let you guys know. Good luck!



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Guest belitcha

IV International Design Competition for Colombian Handicrafts 2005: unifies for the first time the National Competition to the International


Considering the importance of design for the handicrafts sector and its significance in the development processes of the country, the Colombian Embassy in Italy, Artesanías de Colombia and the Italian National Chamber for Italian Fashion convoke professional designers and students of different academic institutions, to present innovative proposals for product development in handicrafts, which will contribute to preserve the country's cultural identity and to strengthen the role of handicrafts in the country's economy.


To enrich the contribution of International Design in the development of the Colombian handicrafts sector and to propose new design alternatives for the urban and rural handicrafts communities. Taking into consideration their own production techniques and developing products that will open a wider market and enhance the quality and competitivity of their products.


The competition is open to designers and students, from all nationalities, enrolled in Fashion design, Industrial Design, Textile Design, Jewellery Design, Architecture, Interior Decoration, Graphic and Visual Design, Fine Arts and related studies.


Fashion and Accesories – spring/summer 2006. Projects must be based on the traditional tecniques and materials of colombian handicrafts and according to the fashion trend presented in Milano during the fair MODA IN - February 2005. (www.fieramodain.it)


1. women fashion.

2. Soft accesories (foulard, ties, fabric purses, etc.)

3. Hard accesories (belts, hats, leather purses, shoes, etc.)

4. Jewellery and imitation or costume jewellery.

materials and artisanal techniques:

Textiles, Embroidery, Fabric applications, Printing, Hats, Basketry, Ceramics, Leather, Wood, Stone carving, Bone, horn, Jewellery and imitation or costume jewellery ; and others.


See: www.artesaniasdecolombia.com.co



· Great Prize Unesco: US $ 5.000 and stage – open to all participants.

· I Prize Profesionals: US $ 3.000 and stage

· II Prize Profesionals: US $ 1.500

· I Prize Students: US $ 3.000 and stage

· II Prize Students: US $ 1.500

· Prize to “Creativity – Colombian Interpretation†on the project presented, confered by the Presidence of the Colombian Republic.

· Honorific Mention to the outstanding project of each categorie of the competition.

· Prize to Excelency on the craftmanship, for the craftman or the handicraft community that will demostrate a special knowledge and skill on the realisation of the designers project. Stablished and confered by the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation. – Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo.


Artesanias de Colombia S.A. ofers to the Great Prize and first prize profesional and students winners, a one month stage in the handicraft comunities of reference of the materials and tecniches used in the winners projects.


projects selection:

The first selection will take place simultaneously in Colombia and Italy on the 24/06/2005. The Committee will select 4 projects per category, two in Bogotá and two in Rome, for a total of 10 projects selected in Rome and 10 projects selected in Bogotá. The Selection Committee will be composed by a fashion designer and one expert per category of the competition.

The second selection will take place in Milan, on the 30/09/2005. The jury will select the 5 prizes, the Prize to “Creativity – Colombian Interpretation†and the Honorific Mentions. The jury will be composed by: Cavalier Mario Boselli as Honorary President, Silvia Tcherassi as President of the Jury, one fashion designer, one expert per category of the competition, one representative of Artesanias de Colombia, and one representative per each sponsor of the context.


The Prize to Excelency on the craftmanship, will take place in Bogotá on the 06/12/2005. The jury will be composed by three well-known and recognized colombian designers.


conditions for entries:

The projects must be directed to the development of a group of three pieces in which there must be a clear and unifying formal aspect. This group of pieces, or line, not necesary need ro be equal, inside the same group the designer can propose a variety of forms, utilities and communication.


application file:

Entries must include personal information: (name and last name, date and place of birth, mail, addresse, phone and curriculum vitae); education and training: university or academic institution or present occupation with personal portafolio. The application file must be sent to the Competition Secretariat:


For participants resident in Colombia, from all nationalities: concursos@artesaniasdecolombia.com.co


For participants NON resident in Colombia, from all nationalities: artigianatocolombia@hotmail.com


assessment criteria:

The following criteria will be considered in selecting the projects:

· Functionality and form,

· Production (tecniques, environmental protection, quality and costs)

· Communication (cultural and aesthetic values, and commercial potentiality.)



-Launching of Competition 02/05

-Deadline for entries 31/05/2005

-Deadline for accepting projects for first selection 20/06/2005

-First selection 24/06/2005

-Deadline for accepting projects for second selection 15/07/2005

-Production of prototypes in Colombia and shipment to Italy 15/09/2005

- Selection of prize winners, exhibition of projects and

- commercial promotion in MILANO VENDE MODA 01/10/2005

- Stages in Colombia 15/10/05 - 05/12/05

- Exhibition of Projects in Expoartesanías, Bogotá. 06/12/2005

- Awards Ceremony 06/12/2005


project submission:

For the first selection: (draft), the candidates are asked to hand in a maximum of two flat surfaces in A2 horizontal format (594 mm. Base X 418 mm. Height) these should give a general idea of the design process of the line of products. The graphic representation techniques are free and may include photographic material and digital materials and a one-sheet written description in A4, in Spanish, English or Italian, is also requested.


For the final selection: The authors or the 20 pre-selected projects are asked to develop the proposals through the provision of technical drawings with function, ergonomic and material description; and scale models, which must not exceed 170 X 280 X 350 mm. These should be accompanied by a written description of maximum two pages in format A4 in Spanish, English or Italian. CDRom in dwg, tiff or jpeg must be used.


author´s rights:

Moral Author Rights are property of the candidate. Artesanías de Colombia will respect the moral author rights publishing the name of the author and the year of creation every time the piece is commercialised, published or exhibited.


Artesanías de Colombia acquire all patrimonial rights on the selected projects and will concede to the communities a licence in accordance to their production interests accomplishing in this way the objective of the Competition. Improving life quality of the handicraft communities.


All legal aspects for this competition will be referred to Colombian Laws.


participation conditions:

-The line of products presented cannot have been commercialised or published before the presentation to the present competition.

- Author rights of wining projects are property of the candidates.

- Candidates accept the exhibition and publication of their projects as promotion material for the competition.

- Submission of the entry supposes the acceptance of the conditions established in this call for entries and must be declared in the application file.

- The candidates may not appeal the decision of the Jury or variations in the present call for entries.

- All expenses for dispatch of the projects are to be carried by candidates.


reception of projects and information:

Participants residing in Colombia must send their proposals, for the first and second selection, to the folowing address:



Oficina de Cooperación Internacional

Coordinator: Ana Ximena Arango

Tel 2866558, 2861766

Mail: concursos@artesaniasdecolombia.com.co

Carrera 3 No. 18a-58

Bogotá, Colombia,



Participants NOT residing in Colombia must send their proposals, for the first and second selection, to the folowing address:



Gaeleen Quinn Cell: (+39) -3401050651

Coordinator of the III International Design Competition for Colombian Handicrafts. Mail: artigianatocolombia@hotmail.com

Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, 4

00196 Roma - Italia


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Guest Paul Hendrikx

Design a lighting ornament for different catagories 2005:


- in house

- on the street

- public building




Prize: a trip to New York (2000,-)


PS: dutch language only

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Guest cbngn

Dream Line/Dus Cizgisi

1.International Endustrial Product Design Competition

The competition is for primary and high schools.

All but the flight expenditures of both the project and exhibition participants and the participating school official (including local transportation, accommodation, food, guidance and local trips after the arrival at the organization center) are going to be met by the organizer institution.1st Award $ 3000

Awards Total $ 21 000

Application Deadline 13 May 2005


Engin Coban

http://www.duscizgisi.com competition web site

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Guest belitcha

Recycling Competition


A business enterprise needs your help to be born

Our aim is to give birth to a new model enterprise with the participation of institutions, social cooperatives and the private sector.



The First Rikrea biennial competition refers to objects to be produced in series from recovered and recycled materials (coming from wastes and secondary raw materials). Our objective is to elaborate a big catalog of design products that must meet ecological requirements as well as sustainability, durability and universality criteria.



It is an open competition. Eligible candidates include all professional and student designers as well as any person capable to conceive innovative design works. Candidates may participate either individually or by groups. Persons related to the Members of the jury and/or the organizers cannot participate in the contest.



People wishing to participate individually or by groups shall present creative models (aesthetic, functional and when possible prototype works) with a descriptive card of the product. Candidates will register by completing and sending the competition form available on the internet site. Each group or individual competitor may enter only one project or one line of products.


Selection criteria

As already mentioned we solicit creative works that must be:

- Made of materials, objects or components coming from waste or separately collected fractions of the conventional cycle;

- Durable;

- Sustainable within the whole process from production to post-consumption;

- Potentially commercial;

- Made o waste materials available in enough quantities for mass production. They shall not belong to the category of unique work of art.


Commercial Sectors

The commercial sectors are defined only by the universality of the product and its use in everyday life (domestic area, daily trips, leisure time, etc.).




The first-place winner will receive 2000 euro; second-place and the third-place winner will receive 750 euro each. The five best works will be exposed at the Fiera di Milano on April 2006 and published in specialized magazines; designers will receive a production offer, with royalties, for the products to be included in the Rikrea catalog; they will also have the possibility of doing an internship in the companies that support this initiative.


Submission of dates

Works must be received by 12 a.m. on Saturday the 1st of October 2005



Each Projects must include a distinguishing motto inherent to the project. Competitor(s) name and address, and a picture of the object must be attached in a sealed envelop identified with the motto.


Composition of the Jury

The members of the jury (7) have been selected for their expertise on sustainability and on industrial products. The jury will officially announce the result within October 29 2005.


Contact Information

Contest headquarters: Roma, via del Leone 13, Italy

Responsible of the project: Guido Lanci




Rikrea express its sincere thanks to the sponsors:


Kami-Fabbrica di Idee and the social cooperative Zingari 59



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PC Design Competition


START SOMETHING INSPIRED. As Microsoft Windows celebrates its 20th anniversary, Microsoft and IDSA want to envision the future with you by offering a unique challenge. Whether you're an established design team, an independent designer, or a student, here's your chance to help shape the future of the Windows-based PC experience and to win up to $125,000USD, the recognition of the industry, and a distinction unlike any other. Download the design kit today --online submissions begin May 18, 2005!

Deadline: October 1, 2005



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Guest jgabry

[The 10th IBDC is inviting entries!]


Hi! The Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center is organizing the 10th International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) and invites entries. The 10th IBDC has been endorsed by the ICSID. There is no entry fee! You may read about it, especially the schedule and the rules, on the web page http://design.runride.com You may register through this web page from May 1 to August 15 2005. After registration you have until August 15 2005 to submit your work (4 electronic files in jpg format) via email for the First Round. Twenty-four finalists will be selected and notified by September 15, 2005. These twenty four submit their final work (a small-scale model) by December 20, 2005. Final results will be announced on March 8, 2006, the first day of the 2006 Taipei International Cycle Show. The Grand Prize NT$500,000 as well as high honorary is waiting for you! We take great pleasure in inviting you to take part in the ONLY international bicycle design competition! Besides, we would appreciate if you could forward this message to your designer friends.


Best regards,


IBDC, Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center

ADD: No.17, 37th Road, Taichung Industry Park, 407 Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL: 886-4-23501100ext.315

FAX: 886-4-23506624

WEBSITE: design.runride.com

E-mail: ibdc@anet.net.tw

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More info at:




Schedule (Times and Dates are according to Japan time)

The Schedule for the year 2005

April 30(Sat) --- July 18(Mon): Application Period

May 9(Mon) --- July 30(Sat): Work Submission Period

August 8(Mon) --- October 9(Sun): Viability Examination Period for Presented Works

October 12(Wed): Final Review and Decision of Grand Prix Award Winning Work, Decision of Prized Works (The results will be notified to their designers.)

October 19(Wed): Period for Final Trial Production of the Work (The trial product will be manufactured through the opinion exchanges between its designer and the competition sponsors.) 

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