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Guest roo

Beginners Workthrough List?

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Guest roo



I'm new to this forum, and new to ID in general. I've always been into drawing and graphic design, and now at the age of 22, the grass isn't getting greener with my current job and situation so I'm planning on starting the journey to becoming an industrial designer.


My sketching isn't too bad and I can use a pencil/pen to some degree, however I've always drawn from the wrist and not the shoulder. I'm currently starting with the basics of design sketching and want to learn to draw the right way without diving in and trying to communicate my ideas poorly.


I know there's a million threads on beginning already... but I was wondering if anyone that has been there and done it could post a list of exercises to master from the very beginning up to a half-decent level?


I've written one for myself of the very basic stages that goes like this:


  1. Freehand straight lines
  2. Draw straight lines through 2 pre-plotted points
  3. Draw straight lines crossing perpendicularly (for drawing good verticals)
  4. Freehand curves through 3 pre-plotted points
  5. Freehand ellipses
  6. Box in 1-point perspective
  7. Box in 2-point perspective
  8. box in 3-point perspective


And so on.


Any help would be greatly appreciated... I will post progress as I learn to motivate myself and get critique.


There's an old example of my pen/pencil work here: http://bp1.blogger.com/_4B6PqjuSAKE/RaZNej.../lydandcone.jpg




- Roo

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Guest The_R

I've recently been in a similar situation (= trying to get my quite poor drawing skills improved to a satisfactory level), and have begun training a bit more. I think your list contains the most important basics.


I found this site quite motivating for basic stuff thats on your list (videos of an instructor)




there are some tricks and tips that are new to me, while some of the others simply refreshed my memory. Anyhow, I find them quite informative and motivational.

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Guest A17

the Basics and Essentials;


Cleaner, more cofident and better improved freehanding


understanding perspective


understand shadows and highlights..


that's it..

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Guest ryan.manty

first of all, good luck- and have fun!


ok I really only thought of one other simple excersize:


draw a random curved line, and try to replicate it (right next to it). Beware its kind of hard. Like someone else said, do things to build confidence. I think getting lines down confidently is really the key to clean sketches. Try a sharpie. Immitate other sketches you see on here (that you think are badass). If immitating is too hard at this point. Trace over it. You'll pick up on some techniques that way, and have a nice end result. Last excersive (its more advanced but excellent). Find images of products in books, magz,online and starting rotating them in space mentally. Try and draw the product in multiple views (which you can't see in the images).


hope it helps.

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