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Dear Muadib3:


Your concern is very valid, but not all surfaces necessarily degenerates when you have two profiles coincident, if you use the correct (or more suitable) tools for that.

If you are very careful when sketching and generating the projected curves you should not have problems with the surfaces.

(For instance, mine looks ok).


In this case we are designing without any manufacturing or customer restrictions, so we can shape the sketches and curves more "freely". If you need to meet design restrictions then you probably need another approach. (more elaborated sketches, separate the tip of the surface to work it isolated, surface fill techniques, etc).


Boundary Surface, by the other hand, has many geometrical and inner algorithm advantages (although as I said before, you can use the loft for that (I would not recommend that because of the known issue). For almost all my surfacing, when I can, I use Boundary instead of loft.



P.D. In the next post I am going to explain a critical detail about the last surfacing step of the tutorial


Another P.D.: I know that all this stuff about the quality of the surfaces is almost academic. But don't worry, this surface is not the final one, anyway it is going to be modified and improved in the next steps.

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Guest sensemille

hey there, nice tutorial. im lookin forward to learning how to make that gamepad... i started doing it but i got this problem now.. when i make the projected curve, it doesnt creat the whole curve, just a part of it...

any ideeas on what i've done wrong?



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Dear Sensemille:

Make sure that the spline is not divided in two parts. (the left spline on the first Sk has to be one only entity.

The second Sk is just a copy of the first one.


If it is divided, then select all the segments.


Also check that the endpoints of the spline finish on the central centerline that MUST BE coincident with the ORIGIN (so in that way will coincide with RP).


Finally, check your SW version (Mine: SW07, SP3.1)

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