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Guest jondai

Barcelona- Product Design Office

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I actually worked at diafuku design in Barcelona ....


It was a great experience ! ! !


Where I meet and exchanged skills with many young designers from all over the world.


Also it’s not all about work


I learnt loads of Spanish ..... made some great friends ..... and Barcelona is an amazing city to spend some time in !


The clubs and night life are second to none .... and there are so many beautiful women in that city ! ! ! ! ! ! ... don't get me started !


yes the pay is low ... but life isn't all about the money !

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Guest dactilardesign

I work in Barcelona, and Daifuku was my teacher at Elisava design School.

I wouldn't work for him for less tha 600€.


200€ is just a joke, the ammount of money you will spend in public transport and cocacola, so you will work for free. In my interships in Barcelona I've earned at least the twice they are offering.

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Guest Ryan Cornelius

Im currently working for Daifuku Design.


I seen all of these posts before I applied for the job. Nearly everyone has had valid points on here (excluding A - Train) You cant put a price on work experience. At the end of the day. In the UK its 3000 quid a year tuition, you save half that and your getting taught for free when on placement, 1500 in tha bag.


Daifuku gives you 200 euros for travel and lunch costs. Erasums scheme which all overseas students get. Provide you with a grant for an average of 500 euros. Yes...a grant meaning you dont pay it back... no debt. so thats 700 euros. then you get a student loan, which you would generally get if you studying. I cant se any problem with cost. Ive learned more here in a few short months than 2 years of uni. And i go to a good uni.


Basically, most of the people in this group need to dig a bit harder about funding. No one seems to have heard of erasmus of divinci funding.


It is nice if you can find somewhere that is paid. Out of all my course freinds across the country and years above. Getting paid a desent wage is gold dust / unheard of. Getting 16k in london is a joke and even if you do thats the equivelant of gettig abouts 11k anywhere else due to the living costs.


Look at it this way, when you have your own comapny are you really going to give a student 16k a year in a party city. Knowing he or she has a lot to learn about the trade, and giving them excess money to go and blow on getting wasted, coming in with hangovers everyday. Having enough to survive on teaches you to be a better person. More independant, better financial management. More self discipline. Basically what your going to have to do when your an actual designer. Your not going to be rich straight away.


Barcelona is an amazing city with so much to do. Very multicultural. The office has great facilities and fantastic connections. its a priviledge to work here.


If anyone is applying message me if you want more info about the city etc... info about the Job contact daifuku direct.


Muchos Gracias


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