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Wood Anyone Comment?

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Guest Nephtis

What was the idea behind the chair? I'm guessing that you wanted to create a chair from the tree-trunks. In that case I like the idea but I don't think that it suits a purpose. The sides would hinder comfort.


Also, render with perspective for a better view. I'm guessing this is a Solidworks render, you can use a camera to get better perspective. Also, higher anti-aliasing will bring out the woodgrain.

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Guest lufbrasketch

Only one comment huh?

I think the design has to be crap since there's only one who's bothered to comment....



Yo, don't be disheartened that no one has commented, thats the way things go on the forum, comments aren't always as quick as you would like.


About the design, I think it could do with being a bit more simpler and less ornate. It seems like it was over-decorated with bits and shapes.


What was your intention, aim with the design?

Maybe try to make things simpler, get the shape a bit more defined and make sure ergonomics are good, that should help a bit. I'm not too keen on the legs.


For the rendering, as said beforem perspective is important. Maybe try and get a better resolution wood, it looks a bit low res to me. I think also with furniture when you present it, try and do some orthographic views to go with it and show a bit of scale with a person sitting on it. Just some simple linework of a person sitting will do.

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Guest iliffe



From looking at your renderings it looks over complicated.

The shortness of the actual seat were your arse would go looks abit so small therefore it would jolt you upright: uncomfortable.


I think having a look around at more natural resources for the overall design of the chair would benefit?

Try looking at molecular structures for inspiration maybe?


im interested into knowing like the other people who have posted, what was the actuall aim of designing this chair out of wood.


Good stuff keep it going.

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