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Guest ROY

Easy To Use Rendering Program?

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Guest MKS

I did this kinds of survey about 5 years ago.

i compared about 10 softwares including some powerful rendering plugin modules.

From super professional CG software to easy but simple one,

I came out the conclusion, the best choice would be Maxon Cinema 4D (C4D).


If you are interesting in a test, you may google it and go to their official website to download demo.


here are some strength that I think Cinema have.


1. Quick, according to many report the C4D using the quickest GI and rendering module which is the same as Final Render.

2. Powerful, GI. Radiosity, HDR, ......already been supported in C4D for many years

3. Nice materials lighting and animation system

4. Cheap. Basic software + Advanced Rendering only cost 1200 or 1300 USD...

5. Stable, Germany software....you know....

6. Easy to learn, it's one of the earliest 3D software in Mac

7. With Enginneer Module, you may directly import IGES or some other CAD format

8. The most power Sketch and Toon module in the world



Too many good stuff inside it,

Believe or not..... I setup and render the following picture in 90 seconds.....(setup: 60 mins, render: 25 seconds with GI)


Anyway, check out their gallery for design... it's amazing~~



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Guest tekbot

Dont waste your time with rendering. unless its for marketing, forget it.

real-time is the future. jump on board. Alias has killer hardware shading where i can get it pretty close to the image quality posted so far. IBL/HDR and ambient occlussion fully supported. simply capture screen grabs with alpha channels up to 8kx8k instantly.


Showcase and Opticore tops it all off at the high-end.


2 cents for free.

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