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New Telecoping Stepladder

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Guest lightall

Hello, Gentlemen:


I have new ideal to design a new stepladder, and these days I work out a draft for it, but I found some issue need to be sovled, i have a long and long thoughts, but still have no idea, now I stick my draft here. hope some guys could help me.


stepladder description.


1) Both top and legs can be telescoped, the opened stepladder size 5'H x 5'L , please see attached file.


2) When some parted are closed, it will also has others functiion, please see attached file.

*Special Function 1

When one end legs was folded, this end could be place in one higher lever stair ground, and give a working platfom.

*Special Function 2

when both end legs is folded, you could take this tool as small cart.


Faced issues.

3) As a 5' height stepladder, it must designed 3 rungs, then workman could climb up to the platform, but due to the leg was made by two tubes, i just could design 2 rungs on the big size legs. please refer attached images and give your suggestion.


4) The plateform must keep stable when working, I am not sure my designed device between platform and legs have strong strength to keep stable, please refer attached images and give your suggestion.





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