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Guest olmasters@googlemail.com

Furniture Questionnaire

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Guest olmasters@googlemail.com

Hi, I'm studying P.D at A2 level in college. For my main project I am going to design an manufacture a piece of casual/occasional furniture for the garden/decking environment.


To establish market demand and requirments, I figured a questioonaire would be a good way of finding this information out. Now here's where I come to my problem. I have the following questions in mind, although I'm only really pleased with No 1, 2 and 3.


I would greatly apriciate advice on the sorts of questions I should be asking as I feel rather stuck on this issue.


1 - What is the maximum price you would be prepared to pay for a casual/occasional garden chair


2 - Would you be inclined to purchase a stylised or iconically styled chair?


3 - Would any of the following green issues appeal or influence you choice when purchasing a chair?


4 - What features or requirments would you have of a piece of garden seating furniture?


5 - What type of char geometry would most appeal to you (slack angled lounger style, more formal upright designs, intermediate geometry etc...)


6 - Do you have any prefferences to the materials used in construction, if so please list.....


7 - Do you have any prefferences to the finish applied to the product?






If you could help me out or suggest any better questions that the feeble selection I have listed above, your help would be greatly apriciated






Ollie <_<

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Guest jose3


I think that if you first choose the user therefore the scenario where that user interacts with you might probably answer those questions by yourself or a little investigation might do well. Take a picture of any back yard on your neighborhood and you can take conclusions of kind of chair fits in there.


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