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Guest standard-issue

ok...it's about time we at DMU forged our place along side the most exiting young designers around today, here on productdesignforums.com


you probably know who i am, but for the forums sake, i'll put it out there:


i'm paul, most of you know me as PRO (no, i'm not that arrogant, just got kool initials)...if you don't know me already you'll probably get pretty used to the back of my head in the cad lab, i'll be the guy eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in there and hogging all the "good" machines.


anyway thats enough of me...i requested this subsection because i thought it would complement facebook which has been adopted as our blackboard ('cos blackboard is useless)


i'll put a shout out on facebook and hopefully this will be the start of something beautiful...


love to your mothers!

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