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ok, I think I can give you a tip on your drawings, because I think you chose some unlucky viewpoints. If you look at your 3 perspective sketches, I notice that you have some problems recreating the form of your object. I think it's because some of the important features (side profile, controls) don't really show up well in those viewpoints. For example, to clarify the side profile, you could use a low viewpoint of the minidisc player lying down on its back, where you could at the same time demonstrate the controls on the side.


I would make sure that you have about 2 good perspective views to show off the overall product, and then have a few closups where you show the details of the controls. Of course the perspectives clearly demonstrate where those details are coming from, otherwise you achieve the unwanted effect of confusing your viewers.

I think now you started with a few drawings and thinking afterwards of what you can demonstrate on them. Try thinking first of what you want to demonstrate and which viewpoint or which detail you need to make. Then try to think of some composition (for example, slightly overlapping drawings liven things up.. seperating them like this is ok, but makes for a slightly boring composition).

Hope these are some pointers you can do something with, I usually try a little page thumbnail first and if the thumbnail works, I use it to create the actual sketches (not always of course, sometimes it's easy and comes natural, but sometimes you have to think first, and then I like to use this method).


Cheers! And show us some more!

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Guest 3's

hi there fabsman


Well in reality, everyone has their own style in rendering and producing great sketches. Theres no wrong or right in the way you sketch something.Since you're a newbie in ID, not to worry, you will surely find your 'style' along the way. Anyway, your rendering is fine but i have to agree with Renszu about viewpoints. Always try to determine where is the best angle to show your product. If there are lots of features on a 'face', sketch it to an angle where you can show most of it. If you find that hard to do, you can try highlighting the features by giving it more depth via a thicker line.


To me(correct me if im wrong), the most important thing when sketching or rendering a 3d object is to try make the object standout.Creating the effect as though the object is placed on the paper not drawn on the paper.Get wat i mean?

Practice makes perfect my fren :) Be more observant in everyday objects so that you can learn to 'catch' the positioning of the highlights n shadows to apply it in to your sketches.


I hope those so called tips will be some help to you! Cheerz! :)

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