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Guest steviedee

Illuminated Modular Pads

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Guest steviedee

Hi everyone,


Great to join this community.


Atm i have a small project for uni in where i have to design a product for a specific market, in my case, "foodies". People who have an interest in food and preparing food and inviting friends over for dinner parties etc


I have come up with a few concepts or a system of Pads that illuminate light to create a mood for a specific meal. The pads can be combined into various different forms such as coasters, place mats for eeach plate or a large center piece for the middle of the table.


Here are the initial renders:


Base Unit:












Exploded View:



Any feedback/ suggestions/ opinions even if critical would be great.


Many thanks,



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Guest schizotype

Water and other liquids will be a problem, how to clean these mats?


Magnetics, is it healthy? As so magnetism is a type of energy field, it might not make us feel better or of the smell of the food and drinks. It is known that radiotion (not ionizing one thats uranium etc.) and magnetic fields mostly has a negative effect on carbon based living things (humans, common animals etc.) and once-was-living-now-is-food things. (Roasted beef and Beer etc.)

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Guest iliffe



Nice idea. When looking at them i was thinking of ideas on how you could use the light source youve got.


Maybe a concentration of light nearer the centre of the pad so that its specifically lighting up the botom of your drinks glass?. Could have interactive mats that all change colors at the same time and fade through colors all together across were they are being placed.


Im sure that those renderings could be more interesting aswell!


Try doing some different wacky perspective viewpoints and over ex-aggerating the glow coming off them?

Looking good though mate.



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