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Guest Muzza_77

New Imac...

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Guest qbipq

In my opinion apple is a bit confused...

First of all they use (I think) actual 'glass' to cover up the display - motivation: higher contrast, and richer colors (to some extent) make a more feasable product for media/entertainment markets. All very well, but what do they do next? They incorporate materials like aluminum and black sidef?? (don't know the term) more common in pro markets. As of now, no 'pro' that I know of will ever buy the new iMac due to high reflectivity of the glass panel which poses great 'risks' to photo-editors and such - to which at least moderate color fidelity is necesarry. At least if they focus on entartainment/media they should've thouhgt about the possibility of enlargeing the chromatic pallete :(...

I heard numerous children expressing their desire to buy one in 'pink' or 'green' flavours... B)

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