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Guest jackfinnerty

Portfolio :: Jack Finnerty

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Guest bart_schilder

Hi Jack


First of all; you`ve got some skills. BUT your site isn`t a very good presentation of yourself. What are you trying to tell people? That you are a good designer? Then you have to make your site more contemporary,stylish, give it more oomph!

If you want to present yourself as a engineer; then give more insight in the stuff you did, more backgrounds, more depth.


Furthermore I`m always a bit <terughoudend; don`t know the translation> about designers or other people who present photography in their portfolio. Your pictures won`t be of influence for people considering you for a assignment or job. So be carefull with that. If i like to knit I won`t show that in my professional portfolio (unless I knit a table or something) The pictures I like, but I don`t think they are outstanding. Do you show them to compromise the few products in your portfolio?


Anyway, I don`t want to be blunt but you have to upgrade your site, make more out of it! You know how to make a good website-structure, now make sure the content is also great! But that`s just my opinion :)



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Guest jackfinnerty

Hi Bart, thanks for taking the time to reply,


I'm not sure if you saw the website when it was mainly white with black text, but I have since changed the design to be a bit more colourful. I know it's still not the most exciting design but is an improvement none the less. I haven't used Flash for a while but plan to make a Flash site eventually.


As for the photography, it's there mainly because I like photography but yes I see your point that photos are not going to get me a design job, so maybe once I have got enough work together I'll take that part out.


The design work in the portfolio is basically all sheets I have handed in for university projects, but I'm putting together some more pictures of projects that are currently half-finished.


Any more feedback from you or anyone else on the work itself would be appreciated, there are larger versions of a couple of the images from the site on my coroflot portfolio: www.coroflot.com/jackfinnerty, this is also linked to from my website links page.


Thanks again,


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