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Sketch Challenges: Suggest A Topic

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I know I'm new here but the last few days of looking around made me think why the posts are few and far between. I love what's been don with the design challenges to promote personal development and generally start debate over design topics, so why don't we try do something more frequent in terms of these design sketch challenges to "test" the drawing/rendering skills of our diverse group?


We'd achieve this by making a monthly Sketch challenge based on something drawn either from current media or topics generated by a pol hosted of the main site page.


For example a tsunami emergency boat, cheap domestic house, a classic 50's car, furniture by Scandinavia, African drum set, sunglasses for offroad cyclists, jogger's running shoe packaging... The idea is to not over complicate the drawing and to mainly focus on drawing skill instead of changing a design. If you change a thing or two, well that's up to you.


Then constructive crit is given by members who contribute to the site and the top drawings for the month get to use a type of productdesignfourm logo for their portfolio. This will give the forum more exposure as well as say something about younger designers who are trying to get into the market, that they took part in a challenge to improve on there sketching and are keen on personal development without been licked to do so, something potential employers may value.


Anyways just an idea, use what you may.

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Chrichton, would you be interested to host and run these sketch challenges? Currently, we have limited resources to keep these sketch challenges running ourselves. I can set your account to a moderator level, so you have the rights here to moderate topics.

Thanks a lot for contributing your idea about this.

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I'd love too! But in doing so, could we then issue the winners with some incentive like I mentioned to drive a bit more traffic?

Also, would I be able to set up and run challenges on the 2D and 3D front in terms of sketch challenges as well as CAD challenges..?

Anyways mail me on your thoughts for this revamp and I'll try make it as exciting as possible and hopefully someone learns something from the new challenges which will benefit them in the future



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