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Guest tiro

Wacom Intuos 1, 2 Or 3?

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Guest tiro

I think my english is not so good sometimes :blush: , what are pens, pencils?, what are ballballpoint pens, normal colored pencils?

- What about aqarell or pastell pencils?

- And do I need a black marker?

- Which grey is better, cool, or warm?

Man, I´m such a noob. :)

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Here you go. I've laid out everything thats in my drawing stash.


Clockwise from right to left:



Rollerball Pens: These are the more expensive pens that use a water/gel type of ink.

99 Cent Bic: This is a regular ball point pen. Lasts for ever, works great on cheap paper, really good for building up lineweight.

Pilot Fineliner: This kind of pen has a hard plastic tip instead of a metal ball for applying ink. They're a bit more difficult to use, but they also won't bleed with most markers.

Ballpoint: Just a slightly nicer version of the regular ballpoint. This one has a finer tip so you can get real precise lines with it. I prefer drawing with this one the most.

Pilot G2: Another Gel based pen, good for real dark lines.



Prisma Watercolor Pencil: This is a very very soft colored pencil, it's good for getting real dark patches of color and building up color very quickly.

Prismacolor: The main type of colored pencil. Soft lead so it's easy to build up color, but takes some more pressure then the watercolor and won't wear down as fast.

Prisma Verithins: These are hard colored pencils which are good for starting a sketch with. They wear down the slowest but also produce the lightest lines.



These are regular Prisma color markers. They have two tips, one fat, one thin (the thin one is useless in my opinion) and are cheap, but aren't fantastic.


Prisma Art Sticks are the same as whats found inside the colored pencils, only in a big block. These are similar to pastels, but they're much harder. If you get an xacto blade and shave off a little bit of the dust from these, you can blend in big areas with a tissue. They come in the same colors that the Prisma pencils do, so you can get all of the colors to match very easily.


Pastels: These are much softer then art sticks but can be used for creating big soft transitions in color. Some people also use airbrush, or will just scan their drawing in and do that in Photoshop.


For grey markers, neither is "better". They're simply different shades of gray. I personally have a cool set that I use and 1 or 2 stray warm + french greys that I keep on hand. I personally find the cools have a better range to them then the warm markers, but that might just be me.


Hope that helps.


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Guest tiro

Wow, thanks for this detailed answer :lmao: , this should definatelly help me!


- Ah, yes, what about a black marker?

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Guest tiro

Ok, now I have finally found a shop which has everything I need. Now this is what I have chosen:

- 4 different warm grey copic ciao markers ( they don´t have cool grey markers), do I actually need 4 different grey markers, or are 2 enough?

- 1 black copic ciao marker, do I need a black marker?

- 4 polychromos coloured pencils (black, grey, indigo blue and dark red), white too?

- layoutpaper 75 pages (for markers)

- sketch-paper 100 pages

- 0.3mm gel-pen

I think, that´s enough

any suggestions?

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Guest tiro

Because nobody had any suggestions, I have ordered everything now:

- Almost the same as before, but only 2 grey markers and a black one

+ a pigment fineliner

and a white coloured pencil

Thanks for your advice anyway. Without Cyberdemon I probably would have bought some crap.


I will soon post my first steps. :)

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Guest Motivity

For gray markers, I would suggest you get the lightest colour, then skip two or three shades, and get a medium gray, then a dark gray and a black, to begin with.


You can build up colour with markers. Apply one layer, wait for it to dry a little, and apply another layer, and you will see it becomes a darker colour. so you can actually colour most of your quick sketches with one or two markers at hand, just by applying them in many layers.


Good luck with your new materials

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Guest tiro

I have ordered one light grey and a medium grey, I think I can do much with them. Ah, and a black one.

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Guest Arvin

A really great exchange student from france, Phnam, did a marker workshop at UH last semester. Her stuff equals or surpasses most of the stuff on designsketching.com


She swears by Chartpak markers.


For beginners, she recommended a a few markers:



#• Cool greys #1 thru 5 and #10 (a good alternative to black)*

#• Warm greys #1 thru 5*

#• Basic grey #1 thru 5*



#• Sapphire blue* #

#• Sky blue*

#• Light blue*

#• Cobalt blue

• Indigo*



#• Yellow-green*

#• Celery*

#• Willow green



#• Light ivy*

#• Pale sepia*

#• Mocha*

#• Buff

#• Burnt sienna



#• Lemon yellow*

#• Goldenrod*

#• Cadmium orange

#• Banana



#• Purple sage*

#• Powder pink

#• Salmon

#• Mauve


* indicates essential colors, good for layers.



I bought these markers online from: http://www.dickblick.com/zz213/03a/ <---cheapest i've seen them.



Good luck,


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Guest ishimaru

In my pencil box I have the following...

A few Staedtler 4H

A few Black, White, and Indigo Blue prismacolor pencils

1 Tria Black marker

Cool Grey 10, 30, 50.


That should be more than good for some dinner time doodles and sketches. In fact most of the time for me its a few indigo blue and a good sharpener. :D Design everywhere!

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