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Guest gantz
Spoon , Phaidon Press Ed. Is a great book with an amazing presentation. Ron Arad and others made a compilation of 100 designers and 10 design clasics.


Carroll Gantz, FIDSA, announces the publication of his new book, “The Industrialization of Design” by McFarland & Co., Inc., a history of design from the steam age to the information age (328 pages, 150 illustrations, $55 softcover). It identifies the major personalities, organizations, styles, and evolutionary events of the profession and the industrial revolution, looking particularly at the refinement of industrial design by European designers and the congruence of American design and industry during the Great Depression. The book also includes a history of IDSA and its predecessor organizations, with its trials and tribulations of the 1970s.

Gantz received a BFA degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1953. As head of design at the Hoover Company from 1956 to 1972, and from then until 1986 as design director for Black & Decker, he was granted several dozen design patents, including the original 1979 Dustbuster cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner, B&D’s most successful product that won IDSA’s 2009 Catalyst Award. He has won numerous national design awards and has lectured internationally. He was president of IDSA from 1979 to 1980, and in 1986 was awarded IDSA’s Personal Recognition Award. From 1987 to 1992, he was professor and head of Carnegie Mellon Design Department, where he innovated a 1989 award-winning multidisciplinary design course. He continues to serve IDSA as author of design history in Innovation and at www.idsa.org , and at www.industrialdesignhistory.com.

Books may be ordered in the U.S. from McFarland at 800-253-2187 and www.mcfarlandpub.com ; in Europe from www.eurospangroup.com ; in Australia and New Zealand from www.dadirect.com ; and in India from www.vivagroupindia.net Gantz’s 2005 book, “Design Chronicles,” significant mass-produced designs of the 20th century (280 pp, 400+ illustrations, $79.95 hard cover), may be ordered from www.schifferbooks.com


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Guest Felix Grossar

There is another very good book out there:


Elements of Design - Rowena Reed Kostellow

ISBN: 9781568983295


Many visual exercises.


In this case just reading is not enough. You have to do all her exercises to understand this remarkable woman.

I don't understand her by now but all her pupils said it takes some time. :)

We'll see.

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I've seen a few people recommend the ulrich and eppinger book. I just finished reading it and am disappointed with the content. It's a long-winded definition of what product development is, not ideas for innovation or strategic thinking within the design space. I'd stay away from this one.

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Just got this today and it's a Great book!





Following the global success of Sketching, which has sold over 50,000 copies in two years, authors Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur will in 2011 be bringing out the sequel entitled Sketching: The Basics. In fact, prequel would be a better word for this new book, since it is aimed towards the novice designer.

Whereas Sketching shows you how to draw various aspects of shape and form, and serves more as a reference book, The Basics explains things in more detail, taking the reader by the hand and guiding him step by step through all the various aspects of drawing that novice designers come up against.

The Basics explains the rudiments of learning to draw both clearly and comprehensively using step by step illustrations, examples and strategies. You will learn to use and master the different techniques and also how to apply sketches in the design process.

It is the perfect book for those just starting out in sketching, for the first years of art and design courses, and for those who wish to revise the basics of good sketching; it is a simple and efficient way of learning all you’ve ever wanted to know but have never had explained to you.


ISBN: 978-90-6369-253-7

Author: Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur

Design: Booreiland

Notes: Publication date: May 2011

Format: hardcover

Dimensions: 27 x 21 cm

Pages: 184


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At the risk of being forward :rolleyes: just wanted to chip in with the new book "Learning Curves" from myself (Allan Macdonald) and Klara Sjölen (co-author of Design Sketching). Our aim was to create a book that will show you the techniques for learning to sketch (including the ones we used ourselves). The idea being that you can use and expand on these techniques as suits your own skills, and goals. You can read a short review right here on productdesignhub, and of course you can visit our website at www.designsketching.com. Also, if anyone has any questions or wants to know more about the book, then of course feel free to drop me a mail directly on learningcurves@designertechniques.com

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Learning Curves (2011) - Aims at showing you the tips, tricks and methods that will teach you how to really learn to sketch.


Design Sketching (2005) – A bestseller and highly regarded source of inspiration for designers and students throughout the world


These books are hilarious!

A must have for everyone who's into sketching and product-, industrialdesign.

I got mines a few days ago. I'm stoked!


Thousand thanks to Allan, Klara and Erik!


Together with "Sketching: the basics" and "Darstellungstechnik und Design" from Alexander Ott (Germany) ISBN 978-3-8307-1393-7

the best Material you can find on the market. (My own suggestion) You won't need more on non-digital sketching and rendering.


br, Manuel

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Hi Everyone!

I have just created a new drawing sketchbook.  How to Draw: DRAWING BASICS

This is my 5th sketchbook and its for anyone interested in getting into drawing and learning the basic fundamentals.  You actually sketch right inside the sketchbook.  More info and you can order a copy using the link above.


We also have the following sketchbooks available on RenderDemo.com

Enjoy!  Mark


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