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What Cad Package

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I have to agree captain. JD your comments are strange to say the least, the whole topic raised was concerning which software package should be purchased and if anybody had experience with the software packages to inform captain of their experiences with it.


Obviously JD has relations to a product, which if google informs me right, is AutoDesk. So there's your answer for the questioning system.


But do agree captain that SW and/or Pro E is your best bet. I don't have experience with Pro E, but as I stated before, SW has it all over SE in the later stages of advanced modelling...and continous program problems that requires numerous updates.

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From my perspective the critical thing is to be able to actually model the parts I design. From my experience and the experience of others I know SolidWorks and Pro/E are the 2 systems in this sector that allow most parts to be modelled - analysis factors aside. Fact is I don't know anyone using Inventor for consumer product design or "hard to model" shapes, whereas Pro/e has a long heritage as does SolidWorks (as is testament by this very forum).


Would I buy Inventor right now for industrial design work? No. Would I buy SolidWorks or Pro/E? Yes.


The fact of the matter is until you actually do a complex project against a deadline you can't tell what works for you. The underlying construction techniques in all mid range systems are the same, it is just that some geometry will work in one app that doesn't in another.


In terms of integration then Pro/E would be the way to go - a true enterprise level system. But for most design work SolidWorks more than meets the bill IMO.


For many companies Inventor does make sense - especially if you can get a low cost upgrade from Autocad, but for consumer product design tasks it is not up to the job yet.

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