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Guest standard-issue

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Guest standard-issue

just been handed a new project...the brief is to come up with an innovative use for a "new" material or innovate an exhisting product with regards to future technologies (new process, material, functions, etc)


straight off ive been looking at solar power advancements within nanotechnology, the problem i have now is ive got so narrow sighted with solar power im struggling to step back and and look at the broad spectrum of new materials and technology out there.


any information on new products and technology would be greatly appreciated....this is a real blue sky project any ideas?


kind regards



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Guest Nacho

you should see this pages:



"The spider nylon" I saw once a program in the Discovery Channel on this material, and it seems to me like a good alternative-new material to work for your project



"triple-shape materials" a polymer who can assume three different shapes, each shape depending on how much heat is applied.



examples of energy-efficient new materials


and this pdf : http://franklin.nap.edu/html/nmab_process_ind/NI000267.pdf speech on MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES

FOR THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES OF THE FUTURE seems interesting although not read it.


I hope that this information helps you in your project

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