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Guest Viking

XW concept

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Guest Viking

Hello! :P;):P

For my first post, I present myself at you.

I am a young (24) French student in design (BA design - Communication) and I present here my participation in the contest Peugeot design to you :



Original text :


Mélange des genres (monospace // utilitaire // SUV // compact) , le concept Peugeot XW est une réponse aux attentes toujours plus nombreuses des utilisateurs.


Modulable dans la forme comme dans l’esprit, le XW est un véhicule à tout faire.

Aussi à l’aise en ville pour vos rendez-vous professionnels, que dans les chemins de campagne avec un chargement de bois.


Ce principe est déclinable sur l’ensemble de la gamme Peugeot.



Attitude féline exacerbée par des lignes semblant bondir vers l’avant, le XW veut croquer l’asphalte avec enthousiasme.

Indéniablement dans la veine du style Peugeot, le contraste entre la courbe du toit et les lignes plongeantes des bas de caisse accentue l’aspect cintré et la pression vers l’avant.

L’ouverture vers le bas de la « bouche » avant béante termine d’affirmer cette sensation.



L’ouverture des portières opposées permet de dégager un large accès à l’habitacle. Cette sensation de volume est renforcée, à l’instar de la gamme SW, grâce à un monumental pare-prise, achevé par un toit escamotable en verre.

La lunette arrière se rentre électriquement dans le coffre à la façon des vitres latérales.

Ce principe, une fois l’ensemble des surfaces vitrées soustrait, permet de dégager l’arrière du XW à la façon d’un pick-up, facilitant l’accès et le chargement d’objets encombrants.


Dans l’habitacle, la suppression des trois rétroviseurs au profit d’un écran panoramique permet un contrôle sur la totalité de l’environnement du véhicule, tout en supprimant définitivement les angles morts.

Toujours dans le même souci de vigilance permanente, un système de vision « tête-haute » est installé face au conducteur.

Le panneau général de commande est remplacé par un écran tactile n’affichant que les commandes souhaitées, répondant à la voix ou à un simple effleurement.


Les jantes sont conçues autour d’un moyeu fixe, donnant au XW la sensation de flotter au-dessus de la route.



Piochant ses racines dans différentes catégories, le concept XW propose une nouvelle façon de concevoir l’automobile, répondant aux nombreuses exigences du public.


Here a translation of the original text. (Sorry for my so poor english) :


Mix kinds (monospace// utility// SUV// compact), the concept Peugeot XW is a answer  to waitings increasingly more of the users.

Flexible in the form as in the spirit, the XW is a vehicle with to do everything. As at ease downtown for your go professional, as in the country lanes with a wood loading.

This type is déclinable on the whole of the Peugeot range.


Lion-like attitude exacerbated by lines seeming to leap forwards, the XW wants to crunch asphalt with enthusiasm.

Unquestionably in the vein of the Peugeot style, contrast between the curve of the roof and the plunging lines of bottoms of case accentuate the aspect curved and the pressure forwards.

The opening to the bottom of the "mouth" before open finishes to affirm this feeling.

The opening of the opposite doors makes it possible to release a broad access to the cockpit. This feeling of volume is reinforced, like range SW, thanks to monumental a avoid-catch, completed by a retractable roof out of glass.

The rear window is returned electrically in the trunk to the way of the side panes.

This principle, once the whole of glazed surfaces withdrawn, makes it possible to release the back of the XW to the way of a record player, facilitating the access and the loading of cumbersome objects.


In the cockpit, the removal of the three rear view mirrors to the profit of a panoramic screen allows a control on the totality of the environment of the vehicle, while definitively removing the dead angles.

Always in the same preoccupation with a permanent vigilance, a system of "head-high" vision is installed vis-a-vis with the driver.

The general panel of order is replaced by a touch screen posting only the desired orders, answering the voice or a simple touch.


The rims are designed around a fixed hub, giving to the XW the feeling to float above the road.


Picking its roots in various categories, concept XW proposes a new way of designing the car, answering the many requirements of the public.











C&C are welcome !


Bye ;):D

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Well man, that's an awesome concept.. you seem to have everything worked out, exterior, interior.. very complete. If I were to saw this on a motor show, I wouldn't be surprised :P


The concept makes a very solid impression on me, even though some points of the exterior might not be to my liking (huge grille, or the rear lights, wheels are a bit big), those are all minor issues I think.. every concept has it's weak points, but I think you don't have to worry about making it through to the finals at all.


About the rendering/model quality... I'm not easily fooled by renderings, but I can imagine there will be plenty of people thinking you actually made the thing yourself already.. awesome quality here.

The surfaces might not be as tight throughout the model, again, that seems to be a minor issue to me, something that can be ironed out later. Great use of hdri for reflections, it really works great on your car.


Hope to see you in the finals man, I'm sure you'll get there no problem!

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Guest Tony

Wow, that looks just awesome, very finished and thought of.


I don't know if you're want to make any changes at this point, but I have a suggestion (from a practical point of view)


It would be nice if one could remove that beam in the back of the car. Right now it really stands out between the open roof and backdoor. If it was to say bend in/out, that would open up so much more room. Just a thought.


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Guest Viking

Thanks ;)


It would be nice if one could remove that beam in the back of the car. Right now it really stands out between the open roof and backdoor. If it was to say bend in/out, that would open up so much more room. Just a thought.

Yes. It is a very good idea. But the files are sent.


(huge grille, or the rear lights, wheels are a bit big),


...They all are of the points important of the Peugeot style which I wanted concerver.



For the 3d, I used 3Ds max and Vray for render.

I spent 8 days on modeling. It is much, but I made modifications progressively. Moreover, I is worked above only during my spare time.


Thank you for your comments :D:P



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i guess you are one of the very few participants who didn't design a ultimate sports/dreamcar.. i think you did a brave and challenging job on this one..

good story, fine concept, good proportions and outstanding finishing. double thumbs up to you. wheels are a slightly too big, but they look great..i like the way you used the logo in the rims.

good luck with the competition results! :P

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Guest husseindesign

Just a matter of taste: I don't like the looks very much .. the front is really nice, but the rest is..well.. not that nice.. the profile could fit to a Renault rather than a Peugeot. But again.. this is just my personal opinion :P


As for the concept as a whole, I think Waikit and Renzsu said all what i waould have said. Very well thought-out concept. Cool modeling job and the rendring makes look very realistic. Really well done. Thumbs up!

I can easily imagine the XM being among the top 10 finalists..

good luck ;)

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Guest ScD

Very different concept with a very strong, well resolved aesthetic. Well done :P


The stance of the concept is amazingly different. Very strong and powerful.


I would agree with comments about the transition between the roof and rear door. I think the way the panel splits for the rear door could be a little better. These are more personal tastes than real critiques tho ;)

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Guest desagree

niceone! i also appreciate the fact that you did not choose to do a sports or luxury concept (because of variety/enrichment of entries). I like your concept- to me it`s just too realistic for a contest. this car could already be in production (in terms of appearance/design).

the overall designlanguage fits more to renault than to peugeot but thanks to the use of unique peugeot features (lights, grill...) there is no danger of confusion.

i`m not a fan of freeform modelling, since it rarely looks really precise...

(i personally achieve best results by doing nurbs modelling and then exporting to a powerful renderer or psd)

f.e. the connection of the windhield frame (in german it`s called "a-column") to the carbody+engine hood looks wrong somehow- same for the seats- they are definitely too thin. some surfaces have strange "melting" shapes - the section over the rear wheel looks powerless...

the dotted back part looks really oldfashioned and out. same for the boring rear lights-

don`t get me wrong- i think that ist the price for being concrete in your design. i didnt want my comment to sound too negative since i like the overall result! it fits well into the theme and is nicely presented!

good job!

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Guest retrokitsch


we can see it needed a lot of time and patience, very good, ultra complete, and at the first sight I see a peugeot.

That's original to make such a car for a dream car, original is good :P

I think about my poor little design... ;)

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Guest kankun

Very nice work!I am impressioned!!Your concept is modern and changes of the coupé car!Good luck!

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Guest nonex.nl

Awesome renderings! very nice job! It is a car design which leaves you with a some questions when you take a first look at it, not so much in practical manner, but in the sense of 'what is it exactly that I do like about this design' and this surprises me. I think it is a quality of the design not to be able to tell instantly what makes this a very nice design because the more I look at it, the more I appreciate the design.

I've taken a look at your portfolio, and you really excell in making superdetailed 3dmodels. Your nokia and Ipod are awesome detailed, and you've modeleed quite a few cars as well.... very nice portfolio by the way.


The rear seats in your XW look more realistic than the front seats, especially the way the seats folds towards the ground; I think it is a pity it isn't worked out as the rear seats: the look more convincing. ALso, as already said the seats appear either to thin, or I would have expected to see some kind of rigid shell on the backside if the seats.


The apparent danger in modelling and designing such a short car is a too much 'judge dredd'feeling: quality in your design is the right balance between cornered an rounded edges. Too much cornered would have giventoo much judge dred'-feeling. Fabulous design! :)

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