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Why Is The Iphone Design So Bad?

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Guest zedevan

hey, new here, having owned a treo, o2 mini and now a samsung i320n, this is one device that i am interested in, but do not understand how it is as revolutionary as they are saying, particually if we're talking about the physical hardware, the two touch screen would be handy, much like the touchpads on mac books, but in normal phone operation that is not what i have desperately thought was needed to make it better.


the most annoying part of touch screen phones is the feedback, or lack of it, their auto mistake fixer is sure to helpful with this, but it depends how good it is. with alot of people now having their own abreviations etc, its sure to get annoying at times, this is one reason why i hate T9 for writting msg's really fast on phones. so my current phone has a full qwerty keyboard so i know when i've pressed the key, and if i drop letters its ok as most people are used to reading keyboard stuffups from instant messengers, where as a t9 stuff up can take a while to work out


my other question regarding the screen is if its a softscreen like normal pdas or hard, i havn't found anything to say one way or the other, as i have always been paranoid about cracking the screens as i like sitting on my phones...hence why my current phone doesn't have a touch screen, although i do miss the touchscreen at times most of the menu system is logical enough that it does what you want it to do, but as its windows based some things are stupid ofcourse, but the hardware itself is near perfect (except i have to remove the battery to change memory cards, so if it had 8gb in it it could be handy, but battery life is an issue, and as someone has said its good having things seperate is if you run the battery flat due to music on ur mp3 player atleast you can still make a call)


that article about the phone written by an x-apple employee was interesting, and he has some great ideas on how to improve the phone, but most of them are software, and when it comes down to it thats what this phone has got that others havn't had before. windows phones are generally slow and laggy, palm phones, well their whole OS, doesnt make complete sense, atleast to me. while i've always had third party programs installed, this is to make up for the standard programs short comings. the auto rotate would be handy, however due to the time it takes a windows pda to rotate its screen by the time you did rotate it back again it would only have just redrawn the screen from the first rotation!


the voicemail thing makes sense ofcourse, i hate voicemail, so dont use it, however if it was more like this and i didn't have to listen to messages of people hanging up as i could see the message only went for 2seconds i might actully do so, although i'd always assumed that voicemail was a network feature, not so much the phone, and hence why it was the way it was, instead of just like the other messages. the webpage browsing also looks great, however as that guy pointed out it would kind of be like viewing WAP pages possibliy, only some of them are supported etc.


one project we had to do at uni at the start of last year was a phone for the year 2020, of which my one was effectivly 2 2nd gen ipod nano's stuck together, with a touchscreen on each side of them and a flexible lcd holding htem together you could plug in as a module, along with cameras etc, with a button in each corner so you could tell it which was the top left etc, of each screen when you rotated it due to all the configurations you could make wiht it, and the fact it was all software driven similar to this. so if u just needed a phone you just took one wtih tou, but had less battery life etc. i'll try to upload pics..when i find them. in regards to the iphones physical appearance when you're buying this kind of device i dont think you really should care, although it dpends how much you use it, i buy my things to use, not look at, although if i did buy it for appearance atleast when it pissed me off it could look nice while doing so? but naturally i'd like it to look nice, however to me a screen in a box is still basically just that, but yes hte iphone could look nicer...

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Since I've been gone from this forum, Apple managed to release the iPhone 3G.


This made me become quite embarrassed about my original post in this thread.


So I've edited that opening post, and I just wanted to say:


Thank you Apple. My faith in you is restored.

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