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New Haptic Feedback Device...

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BTW, I have every respect towards the people creating haptic devices like the Novint Falcon and others,..






I'm sure it's a interesting challenge and I'd luv to try using them or work on designing something one of these days?


Has anyone here used them?? Comments?


Anyhow I was in a wierd mood and the New Years made me think of all the people on their diets and the Falcon device and games got me thinking... 8^)

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In the coming years as the technology improves different ways of providing haptic and tactile feedback will change the way we game and compute.


A big part of the project I was working on last semester was originally going to focus on using a haptic controller, but it ended up getting dropped as the project progressed. I haven't had a chance to use the falcon yet but I have been able to use one of the Phantom pens, which provides more limited feedback but is still pretty cool. Part of the problem is haptic controllers control 3 dimensions but we can only display 2D on regular computer screens.

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