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Peugeot GT06 - 3RD Design Contest submission

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looks like nissan,renault,citroen or mazda...not peugeot.



Yes yes, but see I don't like how peugeots of today look, so I thought 'stuff that', I'm going with something that I think looks good :) Very egocentrical thinking, I know, but hey, it's just a competition and it was a lot of fun :) (I think I already explained this a bit earlier).

edit: re-read the thread and seems I didn't explain that.. must have been a different website. Oh well.


Renzsu wow


need a tut on this why export it into max - rhino can't do it??? (not very good with rhino)


did you just model quickly a general shape or is it full detailed 3d model you did????




are the lights on the front from a pic or done in rhino???


what was the feedback from the contest?? win??


would love a tut on this mainly the wireframe thing


Hm.. I think I exported to max because I wanted to render the wheels in max anyways. Anything I render in Rhino looks like plastic to me without flamingo. You could also model the whole wireframe in max of course, but I'm much faster with rhino. Oh and yeah, I just modeled the most important lines of the car such as the wheelarches and body panel edges.

Basically all the shading of the car is done manually in photoshop except for the wheels and rims, which are much faster for me to do in max if I want to achieve a decent result.

About a possible tutorial.. I'll think about it :)

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Guest Wally

about that badge; i see what you mean, but not including the badge of the people to whom you're submitting the art is a bit of a whoopsie-doodle - why not do a smaller, understated badge on the front grill, kinda like the recent maseratis?

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