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Guest trip35


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Guest trip35

imagine when your desk is full of books. how about enjoying your sunny day outside the valcony in your comfortable armchair? need more space? this is how it works.



1. space saving.

2. easy to use.

3. convenience to get your books.



IDEA description : using an arm, get close to your arm.


Concept : the same arms. why not using it?



i made an image map,







after the research,




i found that the chairs are made with almost same size of arm.













i think about all methods to hanging this product to chairs. rubber, straps and so on. but i focused on using easily. so i checked the size of all chair's arm and angles. i found the magic numbers.


so finally,



i made this product with stainless steal. this is a proto type. it's a bit heavy than i thouhgt of. because of economical problems. haha :) it will be out soon, colourful plastic materials.



the priciple of this product is the hanger in the arm part and the bottom of the product support the chairack to hang into the arm of chairs.






even back of your chairs.




anywhere and everywhere.







red dots are the core of this product.






thank you.



Happy new year everybody!! :-D

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Guest The Boogey Man

I like this. My desk always gets clogged up and I always end up throwing books on the floor. Nice, simple soloution.

Only problem I see is that it sticks out quite a bit. This could cause problem with swivel-chairs. What made you go with books sticking out leaning on an angle? I think maybe straighting the 'Chairack' may prove more effective. Or what about developing the idea so that the 'Chairack' folds out somehow, though this is taking away the simplicity of the product, which I like.

Apart from that strong entry. Nice idea.

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