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Guest aman_s1ngh

Hey guys hows it going?!?!?! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you!


Okay so before I go any further, I would just like to say that this is my first designing competition wise I have entered, go hard on me so I can learn my lessons as quick as possible.


Well before I go any further I was reading through what everybody else has up as their design proposals, I can see some really good designs. My aim is to get creative ideas which are something practical, can be realistically produced, I don't know whether this is what you look for in the design contest but this is what I feel is important from where I should begin from.


Wicked Wood's Reading Booth is a really good idea and thinking about the various ways and the freedom that you can have of designing it sounds really cool, however, I think that librarys already have little study rooms that don't really need improving by purchasing a rather expense booth, all they are required to do is spend probably a max of say £50 to decorate and get graffiti out. Also I would only see the government purchasing these booths I don't see people buying it for their homes, as they have plenty of spaces to go and read anyway, also why would shops want to buy it? They don't want to encourage customers to read books in their stores, they are not a library, right? (I don't mean to knock the idea at all, just giving my thoughts even tho he may have more to it than just being a booth).


(Ref. http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?showtopic=5111)


gBevis's Three Ideas all of his ideas are really good, I think with more thought he can really get this competition under his belt really easily.


(Ref. http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?showtopic=5112)


MARK (FLOED's) idea really does put all the book light ideas into the deep end which cooper made a thread on, I think there isn't and light based idea that could really beat this product.


(Ref. http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?showtopic=5120)


Okay my idea's, currently I have two. Look for critque to help decided which one to stick with.




One idea is a way of preserving the books that we have in the library. Some of the biggest threats that I can see to libraries are if they catch of fire, get drenched in flooding, rotting away from old age, getting moldy, creases in case somebody does not put the book back properly, dents in the corners where kids might be playing about and they drop books on the floorthere are others but there must be a way of looking after these books, so I thought of the most wildest thing that I don't ever think would be done but is the most safest way of looking after rare of even your own books.




Hard plastic cases created to put these books into, the cases would come in different shapes and sizes to help save space and cost. The advantages would be protection in case of fire, water resistant casing to avoid damages from leaks or visitors drinks, other advantages would be distributing them into colours, possibley in relvance of importance or subject.


There would be a major disadvantage in this, vistors would have the hassle of opening and closing the box, even if this is the case the vistor would open the book anyway to read it, to make life easier a magnetic closing mechanism can be used. To over some this problem a way of intergrating this idea with a keyword search on computer systems so vistors understand which books they are most likely to find what they are after.





(I know im going to get loads of critque, but I haven't been using photoshop for long, please excuse my poor photoshop skills)




After my comments that I have made on the other proposals I have not be able to stop my self from resisting to do something that I thought I would enjoy proposing which is a book holder with a light source





(thats by far the best stuff i have created on photoshop, and without the graphics tablet im happy)


(I have a while to go before I can produce realistic looking designs)







side veiw and 3d veiw to come as possible



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