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Guest eddwa

3rd Year Project!

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Guest sketch

I know its been a while, but i thort i'd comment.


The feasibility for the attack alarm is great. We are actually doing something along the lines of that for one our modules. Would be interesting to compare! lol since been December since you've started this thread. :-)

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Guest Rafik

First optional idea. design a red and unique code ex 555 in hand held cell phones to instantly notify that you are in danger and exactly track your area and mobile phone, but sometimes accidently you could trig it , so make it vibrate and sound or you customize it to vibrate only and wait (not to cancel )for about 15 second , for the alert to go to the police ,



second option


prepare with 20 survey forms with all sorts of question , with a purpose of government loyalty research for anty robbery you could obtain the permission from a police department to approach 20 repented purviews arm robbers convincing them that such thing should be banned to help the environment .

And find out from them which is the common approach to the victim and what do they fear from

the victim and what make them not hurt the victim , what makes them feel sorry for the victim and so on .

Maybe you could design something that it useful

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