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Q&A: Design Challenge #3

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Guest newt @ MWE



this isn't a question, just an interesting tidbit. Didn't know where else to post it. Check it out....


In 1588, the Italian Engineer Agostino Ramelli described a novel invention to facilitate the reading of multiple books at once:


A beautiful and ingenious machine, which is very useful and convenient to every person who takes pleasure in study, especially those who are suffering from indisposition or are subject to gout: for with this sort of machine a man can see and read a great quantity of books, without moving his place: besides, it has this fine convenience, which is, of occupying a little space in the place where it is set, as any person of understanding can appreciate from the drawing.


Part reading booth?, part gout reading cure? indispositional reading?


oh those zany 16th century italians, is there anything they havn't invented?


.....and just in case that wasn't enough for hte lazy reader


From the delightful book Eccentric Contraptions, a catalogue of Maurice Collins’s collection of amazing gadgets, comes the lying down spectacles:


“When you’re too tired to raise your head but still want to catch up on some uplifting and moral reading (Ruskin always sends us to sleep), these late-Victorian spectacles with mirrors attached would enable you to rest the book on your chest, rather than getting arm-ache from holding the volume above you.â€


oh dear





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R-B, you can edit your first post of your thread to change the content. Or try to change the title of the thread...might be possible. Look for options/buttons in edit mode.

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Guest gBevis



sorry but when i went to put up some new images, i acidently uploaded it as a new post instead of adding reply?!?!?!... its titled "im back"

is there a way of deleting it.. ? so it does not cause any confusion... clicked the wrong button...


ive uploaded the exact same thing onto my actual past "Im in" (gBevis)


appologise for the confusion and for any inconvience it has caused.



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