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Bluetooth Headset Breakdown

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Guest henry81

@ citrus...

nice 2 see u r reply...

yes i can upload the model in rapidshare... but people in this forum say that it is better to upload here (inside forum itself)

in forum u can upload only 1 mb size.

so i mentioned... it would be useful if someone say how to reduce big size files to low volume ..,



here i uploaded partly completed (error chamfer, bluetooth link is at an offset..)of the model size 13287 KB,file name new folder.rar, uploaded at 23 mar 08... i don't know when it will not be available and the file gets deleted... would be nice if someone host free bulk files permanently or inside the forum itself.. my suggestion.




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Guest Citrus

Thanks again henry81 for all your help, and taking the time to upload your model.


The model is great and has given me a much better understanding of how the different parts are construed and will help me as i try making the headset from scratch.


You've been a great help to me and i can now get better and understand more of SoildWorks.


Cheers again.




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