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Guest dmcgravie

3d Design @ Hertfordshire

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Guest dmcgravie




Dear All


As you may be aware we have a range of 3d design courses at Hertfordshire now. From the original BA Product Design degree, through its sister programme BA Digital Modelling (concerned with Computer Aided Product Development - soon to change its name), to the recent addition of the (relatively) new & exciting Interior & Spatial design programme.


As a creative community we have a lot to offer and gain from working together as group of 3d creative people, from sharing of expertise between subject areas to integration of students in the studio environment.


Other ways are by using facilities such as this....Post topics, seek help, ask for advice, essentially have a go and see what help you can get or offer. Check out the other forums for advice on portfolio, gettinga job, etc..


I don't know what help this will be to you. What I do know is that it will only be helpful to you if you use it & join in. Have a go, make a difference, contribute.

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