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Guest Tall Jewish Guy

Dome Tricar

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Guest Tall Jewish Guy

Hi I am a first time thread poster and first time designing something as well so bear with me.


Well firstly below is my recumbent trike I use at home, my friend is sitting in it.



Its a hell or a ride, even though it uses pram wheels and was made for $200 whereas the average recumbent trike costs 3 grand these days. Well basically, my idea for the car is two person car, that because of the one wheel at the back can lose a lot of the bulkiness associated with shaft-drive four wheelers. The car would be as small as a smart, but much more sportier.


Top View:



Side View:



Perspective View: [sort of]



I will build up this post as I actually do some more serious etching of all the details, and a better perspective render.


I've done the forums and know there is one or two similar ideas gone around, and in fact in production I saw one in the paper, but these tricars as one might call them are a good idea, and think have some potential to transform the sportiness of the average car, as well as the price of the average car due to the significant discount associated with using a simpler chain drive. In light of statistics that something like 75% of car trips are made with only one person in the car, hell a one seat version of this car could even be justified. The current one is a two seat, I quickly drew up how I could squash two seats into such a thin frame. It would involve slimming the gearbox in the middle to just a narrow strip:



Thanks, and I'll post as I get anything more done.

Feel free for suggestions or otherwise.


Michael Lisitsa.

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Guest SunnySunshine

who said you could post a photo of me online?


Haha...anyways, keep practising. Watch those ellipses; they need to be at the correct width to look correct, though the major/minor axis thing seems to be ok. The front of the car deosn't seem to have any depth in it. It seems very flat. The perspective from halfway to the back seems slightly better. The centerline seems a bit off though. Oh yes, and keep those pencils sharp and you hand cramped (from drawing).


see you later,


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