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Milk Half Gallon Tutorial

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Now we are going to the DECALS....


In Photoshop I made this label for the bottle...


Just click on "Click to enlarge". Another window will be open with the image in its full size.

Then Copy that image to the Clipboard (Alt + Print Screen)

Edit it in a Picture editing software (Photoshop, ACDsee, etc). Crop the image to the borders and convert it into a JPG format (could be BMP, etc). Save it with some philosophycal name (Ja!)...


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The Decal for the glass uses a mask (in order to show only the letters on the glass nicely).

This is the label...



And this is the mask...



The point with the mask is that everything in Black will be transparent, and everything in white will be seen...

Now, I don't now if you can use the trick of the (Alt+PrintScreen and editing) that we used before, because the mask has to be a precise copy of the label.

Anyway you can try... or make your own mask (in Photshop is very easy using the Magic Wand Tool, fill in black what it is going to be in black, then invert the selection [shift+Ctrl+I], and then fill in white what it is going to be white).


I is a good idea to save the mask with the same name of the label plus "mask" (v.g. 3DMilk for the label and 3Dmilk Mask for the mask).

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