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Design Challenge #2

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We proudly present the 2nd Design Challenge of Product Design Forums



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Welcome to the second Design Challenge of Product Design Forums! The purpose of this challenge is to learn from each other, while competing and having fun. Therefore the challenge will be run in a WIP (Work in Progress) format. This time we have 2 prizes!



Subject of the challenge: design a personal shopping trolley for young people (18-35 years).

An example of a shopping trolley:



Please do not design a shopping cart used in the supermarket!



Registration: each member of Product Design Forums has the right to participate


Entry submission: each participant must start an own entry thread/topic within this forum, to show the entry's design development which is open to feedback from members till the 20th of August. If no work in progress thread/topic is shown, the entry will not be entitled for judgment


Judgment: each member of Product Design Forums is able to give a single vote to a design entry through a poll within this forum from the 21st till the 31st of August. Attention: Each participant who posts at least 5 work-in-progress images during the challenge will get an extra bonus vote at the end.


Result: design entry with the most votes and the runner-up will officially be announced on the 1st of September, based on the results of the poll


Grand prize: a Wacom Intuos3 6x11 pen tablet will be sent to the winner


Silver prize: a hardback copy of Design Sketching book will be sent to the runner up


Terms & Conditions:


1. Product Design Forums members and moderators/administrators may enter the competition, though moderators/administrators are not eligible for the prize. Membership is free of charge. Employees of Wacom and Design Sketching are not allowed to enter the competition.

2. Each participant member may only start one thread. It is not allowed to create multiple accounts to participate more than once.

3. All work entered in the competition must be original and of your creation. Also, no old work can be entered.

4. Rules and results of the competition are final and not subject to debate. You know the drill.

5. Design property rights remain with the designer, but the designer agrees with the participation that Product Design Forums may use the design for promotional means.

6. Abuse of the poll will not be accepted. You are not allowed to create multiple member accounts to vote more than once. Suspicious behavior will be tracked.

7. Any participant who does not comply with the above conditions will be disqualified from participation.



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