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Guest daruiyo~


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Guest A-train

I do't know what to say, I'll strt somewhere:

your website is very confusion and looks unorganized but it is not. I looked around (I think I looked for the same amount of time a possible employer is going to ook at your stuff, 3 to 5 min) and I could not figure out what your interests, strong points and assets are. The way of showing your work is not really the way I would do it. I think you should smack people more in the face with your ideas then giving them 12 little frames where they have to guess where the good stuff is. Be more bold.


A sketch where it is clear how good your sketch ideation skills are is not there. Also I havent got any idea which direction you are looking for. Industrial design, furniture, lighting, interior .... interaction design maybe. try to specify your intrest a bit more.


your model making looks very good though and you take your asian back ground deep in your designs, I like that.


Sorry if I sound rude but, the market for good job is small and if you want to fit in that world, I think your portfolio should represent that. SO take is as insentive.


Good luck.


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Guest daruiyo~

Dear A-train,


Thanks for your replay... I know what you are saying.. However, my thinking and design process are so different from a "normal" product designer that I feel I should represent that part of me in my website.


I'm just as what you said... appear to be unorganized and confusing, but not. I guess I'm more into my cognitive process and my innovative ideas than a step-by-step "id" designer. And I hope people can see me as something different and use me for my specialties.


But you are right, I'm having a hard time finding a job that suits me... and a place for me to be that benefits the firm. I guess I'm one of those odd-ball that people need to take time to know (understand and appecriate), I hope.


Thanks again for your input and comments!!

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