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Guest Delinquent

Nvidia 6800 Issues With Sw06

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Guest andyw

Thanks, hoping this system will last a couple of years so will probably just go for an extra 1Gb.

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Guest hjb1000
Since i bought the computer from dell and it has dell RAM in it, would it be best to buy the RAM from them? Also can you mix DDR and DDR2? say 1GB of each (as i dont know without taking the computer to bits what is in it now)


Updated the service pack to 5 on SolidWorks, and has made no difference to the issues mentioned earlier.




You can buy RAM from Dell, but they are an absolute rip-off!! Just go to your local comp store and pick up 2x1GB modules, remembering to check the right sort (DDR or DDR2). The reason it is advised to upgrade RAM using two identical modules is so the M/B can run 'dual channel' meaning double the bandwidth.


In relation to your graphics card drivers, if you are having issues just go to www.nvidia.com and download the latest. Ignore the Dell drivers as they are often old.

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